Joe Biden slammed for 'abandoning' Afghan women as he celebrates Women's Equality Day

Joe Biden celebrated Women’s Equality Day that marks the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote 101 years ago

                            Joe Biden slammed for 'abandoning' Afghan women as he celebrates Women's Equality Day
President Joe Biden celebrates Women's Equality Day as Taliban takes over Afghanistan (Photos by Drew Angerer and Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden issued a statement celebrating 'Women’s Equality Day' on Thursday, August 26, amid reports of the Taliban starting to oppress women in Afghanistan following a takeover of the war-torn country. He has been slammed for the 'irony' of it.

The 'Women’s Equality Day' marks the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote 101 years ago. In his statement, the POTUS said that despite laws giving women the right to vote, women in America are still oppressed by “voter ID laws.” “Even with its ratification, millions were denied those rights by law or by practice through poll taxes, literacy tests, and campaigns of violence and terror that targeted voters of color. It took another 45 years before the Voting Rights Act secured the voting rights of millions of Americans of color, and an additional 10 years before voting protections would reflect the many languages Americans speak,” Biden said.


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US President Joe Biden pauses while listening to a question from a reporter about the situation in Afghanistan in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

But now, for women it is “harder to take time off to vote in-person or wait out longer lines at the polls. Women are also disproportionately impacted by voter ID laws — especially married women who change their names, or those whose IDs do not accurately reflect their gender," the statement added. "The struggle to ensure that every American is able to exercise their right to vote continues, especially for women of color. In the years prior to the 2020 election and in the months since, we have seen a wave of shameless attacks on voting — burdening a constitutional right with obstacles that overwhelmingly impact voters of color, low-income communities, and people with disabilities.”

“On Women’s Equality Day, we recognize the unique challenges and barriers women face, and the rights that need defending and strengthening. These rights include a woman’s constitutional right to reproductive freedom and access to health care, regardless of zip code or income — and the right of every woman and girl to live free from violence, whether online, in the home, at school, or in the workplace. To ensure that women are treated fairly in our economy and in the workforce, we are also committed to fighting for pay equity, combating discrimination in the workplace, and passing family-friendly policies that help women and all of us manage caregiving and career responsibilities,” the statement continued.

It concluded with: “For women to attain true equality in our country, they must have an equal place at the ballot box. As the Vice President has said, the status of women is the status of democracy. This is true abroad, too, where we are committed to strengthening women’s political participation and leadership around the world,” it said.

'Beautiful words, but no clear action'

Afghan women wearing burqas gather outside their tents on March 17, 2008 in Kabul, Afghanistan (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Biden's presidential proclamation was slammed by a number of people on social media amid reports saying that the Taliban have advised women not to step out of their houses unless they're chaperoned by a man since their fighters had not been trained to respect women. There were also reports of the radical militants going from house to house seeking out women and girls who could be taken by them as sex slaves.

Newsmax host Benny Johnson tweeted, "Nancy Pelosi has tweeted 4 times today about 'Women's Equality Day.' Biden's DoD is hosting a 'Women's Equality Day' 5K run right now. Meanwhile, this is a photo of women in Afghanistan today bruised and bloodied by a terror attack that Pelosi and Biden abandoned them to..." League of Women Voters also condemned Biden's Women's Equality Day proclamation, saying, “President Biden has once again given the American people beautiful words, but no clear action."



'He wasn't referring to women in Afghanistan'

There were other reactions too. One of them noted, "Today, President Biden, celebrated women’s equality day by saying women are oppressed by voter ID laws. I’m guessing he wasnt referring to women in Afghanistan." Another remarked, "Pelosi is commemorating women's equality day mere hours after the terror regime Biden surrendered to, which plans to send women back to the stone age, killed dozens of people." A third commented, "While Afghan women fear being slain, Biden's DoD is busy virtue signaling with an equality fun run."

The next remarked, "BIDEN's Defense Dept thinks it's a good day for a Women's Equality run while biden's failures result in Afghani women being killed and tortured #BidenDisaster." A person reacted with, "Biden did women of all ethical backgrounds proud today. He abandoned them to be raped, tortured and massacred w/flawless inclusion and unity along side every soldier, civilian men, children w/no chance to esc Afghanistan.Women’s Equality Day my ass! #WorstPresidentInHistory"






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