'WTF Joe Biden!': Internet mocks POTUS after he says 'I agree' to Let's Go Brandon prank

President mocked during NORAD Santa tracking event by a caller who used the popular phrase to insult him but doesn't appear to succeed

                            'WTF Joe Biden!': Internet mocks POTUS after he says 'I agree' to Let's Go Brandon prank
Joe Biden and Jill Biden participate in an event to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in the South Court Auditorium on December 24, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden has spent months at the receiving end of 'Let's go Brandon' chants, so it seems he's not bothered by them anymore. On December 24, he simply responded 'I agree' to a caller who pranked him with the phrase during the annual NORAD Santa tracker event. While he may have brushed off the prankster, social media quickly caught wind of the moment and began to mock the President.

As we have reported, Biden has faced the phrase repeatedly over the past few months. He was greeted with the jeers when he visited tornado-damaged Kentucky on December 15, just one of the many times it has happened during his public tours. In November, Congresswoman Lauren Boebart stirred up a controversy after wearing a dress with the phrase printed on it, a response to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's 'Tax the Rich' dress


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Ever since it was inadvertently made, the phrase has become the new calling card for the anti-Biden movement and has even become well-loved by the Trump family. However, time and again, Biden has proved he doesn't care about being unpopular and is more focused on doing the job at hand. The December 24 call was just another example of this.

Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden participate in an event to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Building on December 24, 2021, in Washington, DC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Biden shrugs off the slur

On December 24, Biden and First Lady Jill Biden participated in the annual NORAD Santa tracker event from the White House, where they also hosted kids and parents virtually due to the pandemic. One of the parents, named Jared from Oregon told Biden when he was on the call, "Merry Christmas' and Let's Go Brandon." Unfazed, the President responded, "Let's Go Brandon, I agree," and shared a laugh with Jill. 

It's unclear if Jared made the statement as a prank, or if he genuinely meant to say "f--k Joe Biden", but either way he's now going to go down in history. The moment was quickly caught and shared on social media, going viral in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, it was as divisive as the phrase itself. Republican supporters beamed in glee that someone taunted the President, while Democrats were highly upset.

"omg lol wtf Joe Biden is so DUMB gotem lolol," laughed conspiracy theorist Tim Pool. Tim Young tweeted, ""Lets Go Brandon, I agree" - Holy crap! Joe Biden is clueless." One user joked, "Did Joe Biden just tell Joe Biden to Fuck Joe Biden? It's a Christmas Miracle!!!!!!" Another said, "Joe Biden: “I agree, Lets Go Brandon” Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever."






Defending Biden, one user tweeted, "Answering to the dad who told President Biden: Lets go Brandon, I would simply state that Jared is a moron..." A former aide to President Obama tweeted, "I think the let's go Brandon stuff is harmless and funny, but if you tell someone to go f--k themselves when they are being nice to your kid, you're just a d--k. Merry Christmas!" Another slammed, "Confession: I find it in poor taste to tell the President of the United States “Let’s go Brandon” when the man just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. Good manners should still matter."





It's unclear if Biden knows what the slur stands for, but it appears he doesn't really care about it either. The moment capped a rather busy day for the President, who earlier visited the Children's National Hospital with Jill, where they read stories to some of the children.