‘Joe Biden fracture is Kamala's conspiracy’: Internet mocks president-elect for injuring foot while playing with dog

The 78-year-old suffered hairline fractures in his foot on November 28 and has to wear a protective boot for weeks

                            ‘Joe Biden fracture is Kamala's conspiracy’: Internet mocks president-elect for injuring foot while playing with dog
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The Internet can be merciless sometimes and when President-elect Joe Biden fractured his foot while playing with one of his dogs, people on Twitter started mocking him. Biden’s personal physician said on Sunday, November 29, that he suffered hairline fractures in his foot and due to that he might have to wear a protective boot for weeks.

The 78-year-old’s office also confirmed the news in a statement, saying the incident happened on Saturday, November 28, and he met an orthopedist a day after for X-rays and a CT scan.

"A follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline (small) fractures. He will likely require a walking boot for several weeks,” Dr Kevin Connor said in a separate statement distributed by Biden's office. After the news of his fractured foot broke, President Donald Trump, who lost the 2020 presidential election against the Democrat, also wished him well. He tweeted: “Get well soon!"

The former vice president defeated Trump in the November election and his inauguration is scheduled for January 20, 2021. He will be the oldest person to assume the office and it has been said that both his allies as well as opponents will keep a close watch on his health.


Though Trump was sympathetic this time to Biden, the Internet was not as one user said, “Biden is too old to be in any office.” Another commented, “He didn't fall because of playing with his dog. He probably felt dizzy and then fell when he stood up from the toilet, or a minor stroke caused by overdose.”

“Main takeaway for me is there should be upper age limit to become president same as it there lower limit, by simple math 66-(35-21), it should be 52 years,” the third user tweeted.






There were some who even joked that Kamala Harris had something to do with Biden’s injury. “Biden Fracture is Kamala's Conspiracy,” one user wrote on Twitter. A second user said, “I hear Kamala broke a nail & didn't tell! ZERO transparency! Biden figured it was just twisted! Later decided to go for xray which showed 'hairline fracture'! Instead? *ALERT MEDIA*! 'Hey, twisted my foot, it hurts! Update at 11?'.”




“Doubt Biden hurt his foot by playing with his dog. Suspect his fracture was caused by Kamala pushing him downstairs in Attempt #1.  Stay tuned.....” another user joked. A user added: “Funny that Kamala hasn’t wished Joe Biden well in regard to his foot fracture? It’s a scam.




“Or was this a cute cover story for what may have actually happened: that Biden’s imbalances caused him to trip and fall. No matter. Kamala Harris is in the bullpen right now, warming up the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden sustains ‘hairline’ foot fracture,” a user remarked while another asked, “JOE BIDEN'S BRAIN FRACTURE? WHAT IS LEFT TO COME WITH AN UNQUALIFIED KAMALA ON STAND BY.”

A user remarked, “Joe Biden gets a hairline fracture of his foot playing with his dog.  Kamala Harris says 'I'm ready to take over now'.”






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