Biden attacks Trump over his love for golf, says 'enough with the weekend trips, do your job'

Joe Biden took to Twitter to question Trump's presidency and talked about the country's unemployment and need for testing to tackle the virus

                            Biden attacks Trump over his love for golf, says 'enough with the weekend trips, do your job'
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Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have been gearing up for November's election and the two have not given up on any chance to question each other's presidential campaign. In the latest war of words, Joe Biden took to Twitter to slam the Trump administration and hinted that he was not doing a good job. 

"Enhanced unemployment benefits expired for millions overnight. We don’t have an effective nationwide testing program or a plan to control the virus. Our health care workers still don’t have enough PPE. Enough with the weekend golf trips, Mr. President. Do your job," he wrote. 



In another tweet, he wondered what would become of the nation if Trump came to the White House for the second time. "If we give Donald Trump four more years in the White House, he will forever alter the character of this nation. We can’t let that happen," he said.


His supporters were quick to back him. "Trump is so In his mind, it's all about him so in everything he says he is referring to himself. It's pretty scary. I hope he either breaks down or gets out of town!" wrote one user. 


Another added, "We deserve leaders who are fit for the job and policies that put people first. We deserve to live in the present & for the future - not dragged back to a place & time that rewarded corruption, fed the powerful and preyed on the vulnerable." 


Recently, 'Yes We Can Again' started trending on Twitter after former president Barack Obama backed Biden for president in Super PAC ad. "Character matters. We need a real President who will unite this country, revive the economy, end the epidemic, and restore our America's standing in the world. A President with character, empathy, and experience. That is @JoeBiden," read the tweet.


In the ad, Obama and Biden can also be seen discussing about the difficult decisions one will have to take while in the White House. Many Democrats joined the trend and tweeted for Biden as the next president. While Biden is being supported by his party, Trump is not too far behind and MAGA voters push for the idea of him becoming the president for the second time. 

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