Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major star in adorable Christmas video, Internet 'can't wait to have pets back in WH'

Social media users were left delighted at Joe Biden's Christmas message which featured his two pet dogs Champ and Major Biden, who are polar opposites

                            Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major star in adorable Christmas video, Internet 'can't wait to have pets back in WH'
(@Joe Biden, Twitter)

President-elect Joe Biden's two German shepherds Champ and Major were seen in an adorable Christmas video. The video had the instrumental version of the soundtrack 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' with the two dogs showing their different personalities while surrounded by a Christmas tree and some holiday-themed chew toys. 

The toys included the likes of Santa and a reindeer. The video starts with Champ Biden, who is the older of the two dogs, calmly laying in front of a Christmas tree with a red blanket on him while he looks care-free and relaxed. As the music speeds up, Major comes into the frame and shows his playful side while he runs down the stairs with a Santa chew toy in his mouth. 


The video then dramatically cuts back to Champ who sits undeterred as Major runs around the tree. Major then sits next to his brother and starts to sniff around the toys as he decides what to play with. Alongside the playful and cheery video, the almost-president wrote, "No matter how you’re celebrating this year, Champ and Major wish you a Merry Christmas."

Many social media users were delighted at the Christmas message and took to commenting on the same. One such user shared, "Merry Christmas, President Biden, Champ, and Major! Can’t wait to have pets back in the White House." Another user commented, "Yes!!! We have an animal lover in the White House again and someone who does not use 'dog' as an insult."

Yet another shared, "Merry Christmas to the Biden family! And how wonderful it will be to once again have a First Couple who actually loves dogs... and children. The fact that Donald Trump was petless and showed no outward love for his kids told us everything we needed to know about him."




"Merry Christmas to you and your loving, non-criminal family. Please stay safe and rest up for the next couple days. You are going to change the world on January 21, 2021 for the good of all," shared another user. Some social media users shared pictures of their pets with a Christmas message for Bidens. One such user wrote, "My Nutmeg wishes Major and Champ a Merry Barkmas and hopes Santa Paws brings them tons of stuff. Merry Christmas President-elect Biden and Dr. Jill. Thank you for all you do for our country. I sleep better at night knowing soon you will occupy the White House. Peace on Earth."

"Malarkey sends best wishes to Champ and Major, and the rest of the Biden’s!" wrote another.




Champ became a part of the Biden clan after the 2008 election. At that time, the then vice-president had received a fair amount of criticism for adopting a dog from a breeder instead of choosing a rescue dog. Then in 2018, Biden adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association after fostering the pooch. 

When Major gets to move into the White House next month, he will be the first rescue dog to live in the White House. 

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