Barack Obama and Joe Biden's adorable lunch outing together at DC bakery stuns customers and patrons

Joe Biden and Barack Obama's adorable bromance stunned excited customers and patrons while on a lunch outing together

                            Barack Obama and Joe Biden's adorable lunch outing together at DC bakery stuns customers and patrons
Barack Obama (Source:Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama and his Veep Joe Biden made for quite the table conversation when they decided to unexpectedly stop by a Washington DC bakery to grab a quick bite. The former president and vice president were seen on camera as they made their way to the counter at Georgetown's Dog Tag bakery.

The bakery is a non-profit that trains veterans and military spouses on how to run a food business.

Obama and Biden proceeded to place their lunch orders as if it was no big deal. The bakery posted a picture of the duo on Twitter after the presidential visit and also thanked Obama and Biden for "for supporting our mission of empowering veterans with service-connected disabilities, military spouses, and military caregivers!".   

In a video that was shared on the bakery's Facebook page saw a very casually dressed Obama and Biden can be seen contemplating about menu choices and also joked with each other. The bakery patrons stood in the line behind them to capture the moment. 

Biden goes up to the counter first can be seen getting a sandwich on a plate. Just as he asks the bakery staff whether they have any mustard, Obama pops up and takes a look at the plate and says, "Hold on, hold on, what'd you get here?" to which Biden responded, "'I got one of these whatever the hell they're called". 

"Whatever the hell they're called?" Obama repeats as he goes over to the display case to measure his food options. Biden proceeds to lift his plate into the air and closely examines the sandwich and says that they are ham and cheese. At that moment, Obama says, "Yeah, that looks pretty good, I think I've gotta have one of these, too". 

"Give the boss one of those, too," Biden then asks as Obama adds a fennel salad to his order.  It looks like it is Biden's treat as he is seen holding on to some cash. As the pair left the restaurant, they were welcomed by a cheering crowd who applauded them. The applause was captured in a video clip shared by Ashley Hart on Instagram. 

Dog Tag Inc. CEO Meghan Ogilvie told the Washingtonian that the pair's visit "was a total surprise" and also noted, "honestly everyone freaked out".  She also added that Obama and Joe shook everyone's hands and also took selfies. She revealed that Obama ordered ham and gruyere and turkey with brie sandwiches and a fennel salad. As for their dessert, they ordered a mint-basil olive cake, a chocolate chip cookie, and a brownie.