Serial killer Joanna Dennehy specifically targeted men on her killing spree in the Peterborough ditch murders

Serial killer Joanna Dennehy specifically targeted men on her killing spree in the Peterborough ditch murders

Joanna Dennehy, now 33 years old, left her house when she was only 16 and did not ever go back. Years later, she pleaded guilty to the Peterborough ditch murders which were a series of three murders that took place in 2013. While ITV's documentary 'Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer' explores her childhood and her path to become one of Britain's most dangerous women, here's the story behind her victims.

Notorious serial killer Joanna Dennehy (Source: YouTube)

In addition to killing three men, she also stabbed two others and left them battling for their lives. Dennehy was later diagnosed by psychiatrists with "psychopathic, anti-social and emotional instability disorders". Dennehy had revealed that she specifically targeted men when she went on her killing spree and chose to leave women and children out of her murderous rampage.


Here is looking at Joanna Dennehy's three victims:

Lukasz Slaboszewski

Lukasz Slaboszewski was murdered and stored in a wheelie bin (Youtube)

Lukasz Slaboszewski had moved to the UK from Nowa Sol in 2005 and was working in a DHL warehouse in Peterborough. Joanna's first victim, 31-year-old Slaboszewski was lured into her home located in Peterborough through a number of text messages. The Cambridge Crown Court was told that at the time of his death that Slaboszewski was given methadone as a substitute for his heroin addiction.

He was seen alive on March 19 after leaving his home. He had previously met Dennehy for the first time the day before, and had told his friends that he had found an "English girlfriend". It was reported that he was stabbed to death in a property located in Rolleston Garth on or just after this date. Prosecutor Peter Wright, Dennehy even "showed the body to a teenage girl quite casually as it lay in the wheelie bin."


After killing him, Dennehy hid his body in a wheelie bin for many days and then finally dumped it in a ditch located at Thorney Dyke. Slaboszewski's sister, Magda Skrzypczak shared, "Lukasz was the joker in the family, always finding something to laugh about. His mum and dad are devastated by their loss and he leaves behind two grieving sisters."

John Chapman

John Chapman was brutally murdered by Joanna Dennehy (Youtube)

John Chapman hailed from Leeds and had served in the Navy in the Falklands War. The court was made aware that 56-year-old Chapman had fallen into some dark times and was an alcoholic but was a "friendly drunk". Both Chapman and Slaboszewski were Dennehy's housemates.  

Chapman had described Dennehy as the "man-woman" while his friends were most concerned about his safety as she attempted to force him to vacate. It is believed that Chapman was murdered on March 29 after being stabbed in the heart by Dennehy while being under the influence of drinks and drugs. His body was found along with Slaboszewski's on April 3 by a farmer.


Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee was Joanna's landlord and lover (Youtube)


Kevin Lee used to live in Fletton, Peterborough, along with his wife Christina and their two children. The 48-year-old used to run the Quick Let property firm which would specialize in providing bedsits to people who had "limited resources". His business partner Paul Creed told the court that Dennehy had approached them and asked for an accommodation. 

Creed did not want to give her a house but Lee wanted to give her a chance. The court heard how Lee later decided to employ Dennehy as a decorator and enforcer. Lee was a lover of Dennehy and he told his wife about his affair with her on March 20. Nine days later, he gave Dennehy an Easter card and she arranged to meet him at Rolleston Garth where she had killed Slaboszewski.


Lee's body was then discovered by a dog walker in a ditch on March 30. At the time, his family shared, "We are devastated by Kevin's death, he was a wonderful husband, father, loving brother and son. His naturally infectious personality touched everyone who knew him. He will be hugely missed by all his friends and family."

'Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer' premiered on ITV on April 18 this year

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