JoJo Siwa releases single for 'Worldwide Party Remix' as she prepares to hit the road for 2020 DREAM tour

JoJo Siwa releases single for 'Worldwide Party Remix' as she prepares to hit the road for 2020 DREAM tour
JoJo Siwa (Getty Images)

The talented young teenager JoJo Siwa can do it all. At an age when most girls are still figuring out their speed dial numbers and bucket list items, the young 16-year-old is already building on her immense dancing, singing and acting capabilities.

She became a household name after appearing for two seasons on the popular show 'Dance Moms' along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa and has already released some hit singles like 'Boomerang' and 'Kid in a Candy Store' - just those two videos have amassed a staggering total of 1 billion views on YouTube alone, making JoJo one of the fastest rising stars of the new millennial generation.   



And now, much to her fans' delight, JoJo recently revealed that she has dropped a new single ahead of her upcoming tour. Posting on her Instagram account on March 6, the young singer revealed "Today is the day!! World Wide Party Remix single is out!!! It’s available on iTunes and Spotify!! Tomorrow the music video will be on my YouTube channel at 12:00 (noon) pst!!!" You can take a listen to the catchy new single by clicking here.

True to her word, the young starlet will be releasing the much-anticipated music video for the 'Worldwide Party Remix' on March 7. Since it's dropping at 3 pm ET / Noon PT on March 7, make sure you stay tuned for the worldwide premiere. To whet her fans' appetites, she's even released a teaser snippet of the upcoming video, which features the young JoJo Siwa welcoming members of her posse from all corners of the globe to come party the night away with her. 

 “Worldwide Party is one of my favorite songs to perform on tour. My fans love it so I had to remix it!” JoJo recently revealed. “No matter where you are in the world, no matter what language you speak, it is all a worldwide party!”



Speaking of a worldwide party, this is perfect timing for the young star, as her touring schedule will also be kicking off next week. The singer's DREAM tour will embark on its next phase starting from March 11 in Colorado Springs and will travel through many major American cities and venues, including a headlining show at the storied Madison Square Garden.

“My 2020 tour is going to be bigger and better than before... bigger and better costumes, bigger and better props!  Even if you’ve seen my show before, you haven’t seen it like this,” JoJo revealed. “For me, it’s just so fun. I have a blast on tour,” JoJo admitted, when asked about her recent tour extension. “When Nickelodeon and AEG wanted me to do more, I was like, obviously the answer is going to be yes. I would never say no! It’s so much fun every single day.” Her fans are certainly going to have a lot of fun too.

For more information about JoJo's tour dates, you can click here.

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