JK Rowling's new detective series C.B. Strike is coming to Cinemax this June

The series is based on the novels the British author wrote after 'Harry Potter' under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith

                            JK Rowling's new detective series C.B. Strike is coming to Cinemax this June
(Source: Cinemax)

JK Rowling fans, rejoice! C.B. Strike is coming to your television screen, thanks to Cinemax. The network will be bringing the British author's much-anticipated detective series to the American audience this June.

The Cinemax release will mirror the British one and will feature three hour-long episodes which are based on Rowling’s Cormoran Strike novels 'The Cuckoo’s Calling', 'The Silkworm' and 'Career of Evil'. The novels were written by the author under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith after the Harry Potter series.

C.B. Strike follows a one-legged, shaggy-looking war veteran-turned-private-detective named Cormoran Strike played by Tom Burke. Although Strike is physically challenged and clearly traumatized by his time in the army, he is brilliant at what he does. Strike is assisted by his smart and eager-to-learn assistant Robin Ellacott played by Holliday Grainger.

The two are an unlikely pair but are extremely efficient in cracking cases that have left the police

The show was filmed in London and, if you like a good old British-style plot, you cannot miss this one.

For their first case, the duo attempt to solve the murder of supermodel Lula Landry, played by Elarica Johnson, in the episode titled 'The Cuckoo’s Calling'. In a murder that has too many loose ends and a family unwilling to reveal the truth, the detective deploys all his skills to find the killer.


In 'The Silkworm', the detective and his assistant deal with an accidental case — a famous mystery novel writer disappears without a trace. Strike and his assistant set off on a dangerous quest to find what happened to the author who was badly mutilated before being murdered.

The third part 'The Career of Evil' hits close to home. Strike's assistant Robin (Holliday Grainger) arrives at the office one day to accept a package from an impatient motorbike courier. She is horrified to discover a severed leg along with the lyrics from a famous song inside. 

The show was produced in association with BBC One. JK Rowling was one of the executive producer through her Bronte Film & TV production company along with Neil Blair, Ruth Kenley-Letts and Elizabeth Kilgarriff.