Jinger Duggar shows off her 34-weeks pregnant baby bump with picture on social media

Jinger Duggar shows off her 34-weeks pregnant baby bump with picture on social media
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Jinger Duggar's upcoming baby is the size of a popular fruit now, or at least that's what she thinks of her baby girl according to her latest Instagram update. The 'Counting On' star only has about six weeks of her pregnancy left for her and has been constantly posting updates on her social media platforms.

If her last couple of baby bump pictures are anything to go by, Jinger doesn't really want her family to bombard her hospital room with the usual balloon bouquets and floral arrangements when her baby finally arrives. 

Instead, the reality tv star wants her family members to seriously consider getting her a few edible goodies after her giving birth in her hospital room. On Wednesday, Jinger took to Instagram to give out her fans her latest update on her ongoing pregnancy with a new baby bump picture.

The picture is captioned as, "👶🏼 Vuolo 💕 #34weeks," which shows a heavily pregnant Jinger standing in front of the chalkboard which she has been using to track her baby's growth in the past few weeks. The board says that Jinger is currently 34 weeks along in her pregnancy, and her unborn child is now the size of a cantaloupe.

Jinger seems to have fruits in her mind since the last few baby bump pictures that the star has shared with fans online all feature some fruit or the other in reference to her unborn baby girl's progress during the pregnancy.

For instance, her 31-week pregnancy update said that her baby was as big as a pineapple, and she has called it the size of a bell pepper and cauliflower too previously.

According to multiple reports, her baby likely weighs around 4.75 pounds at the moment and is expected to be almost 18 inches long.

Fans were super excited for Jinger after her latest Instagram post and sent their love in the comments. "I had my son at 34 weeks... you look great!" said one excited supporter. Another said, "It’s almost time!! Yayyyy!! Couldn’t be more excited for you and that sweet husband of yours 💕!!"

Speaking of her husband, Jinger was definitely in a sentimental mood while posting pictures on her social media, and in an adorable moment, shared some touching throwback pics of her and her husband Jeremy on the day he proposed to her. 


Jeremy and Jinger got married in November 2016, after Jeremy popped the question to her in July 2016 after meeting the year before. Unlike the other Duggar couples, Jeremy and Jinger broke tradition and instead of getting pregnant immediately, decided to enjoy their life as newlyweds before taking up the responsibility of a newborn.

The couple announced the news of them expecting a new family member in January this year, which was only a year after the two got hitched.

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