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Jimmy Kimmel hosts 'presidential' Spelling Bee with school students, tests if they can misspell as well as Trump

The inaugural issue of the “Make America Grate Again” Spelling Bee saw contestants spelling "honered," "tapp," "rediculous," "unpresidented," "waite" and "politicions" correctly.
UPDATED DEC 17, 2019
Jimmy Kimmel attends an evening with Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on August 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
Jimmy Kimmel attends an evening with Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on August 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

If there is one way to test your spelling skills then it is to head over to President Donald Trump's series of tweets and point out the misspelled words.

But taking this strategy a few steps ahead, Jimmy Kimmel made president's tweet typos as if they were the correct words and got some of L.A.’s best young spellers to the test: could they get inside Trump’s brain and recreate the same mistakes?

Three middle school contestants were brought to his show to spell the words just as Trump misspelled them on his Twitter feed. 

Jimmy Kimmel introduced the contest; “This is not an ordinary spelling bee. This spelling bee is presidential. Which means you’ll be asked to spell the words I give you not the liberal leftist dictionary spells them, but rather the way our president does — President Donald Jesus Trump," the crowd cheered and eagerly anticipated.

Unlike the conventional spelling bee contest, winners in this one would receive a monetary award for each “correct” answer.

“And whoever has the most dollars at the end is the winner, just like in life,” Kimmel joked. “And if you’re the winner, do you know what that makes the other two players? Losers, that’s right.”

Jimmy Kimmel speaks onstage at his post-show after-party for Hollywood's biggest night at The Lot on March 4, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Jimmy Kimmel)

The two-round contest had the kids spell "honered," "tapp," "rediculous," "unpresidented," "waite" and "politicions." Ultimately, only one of the contestants, Vaishnavi, was able to match the President’s particular style of misspelling, for which she received her prize as the inaugural winner of the “Make America Grate Again” Spelling Bee with a "Champeon" trophy.

The other two were given Ivanka Trump's goods that were not made in America.

Kimmel has traded barbs with the president since Trump announced he was running for office and likely sees something significant about the spelling mistakes. In March, the comedian said;  “I know a lot of people can’t spell, but a lot of people aren’t president.”