Jimmy Kimmel roasts President Trump and his Spygate conspiracy theory

Jimmy Kimmel, not letting an opportunity of poking fun at the President pass by, said that Trump's tweets were very similar to the way the Marvel's Hulk spoke

                            Jimmy Kimmel roasts President Trump and his Spygate conspiracy theory
Jimmy Kimmel (L) and Donald Trump (Source: Getty Images)

On Saturday last week, President Donald Trump had heard a rumor that the FBI had secretly placed a confidential source in his 2016 campaign. Unsurprisingly, he took to Twitter to address the rumor. The President in a series of tweets expressed his feelings, naming the conspiracy "Spygate" and calling it one of the "biggest political scandals in history".

TV host Jimmy Kimmel obviously couldn't let this opportunity slide by. During the latest episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', Jimmy reportedly said that the President was "Up off the rails bright and early this morning, peddling his latest paranoid conspiracy theory. He always does the greatest hits. Donald Trump tweets like The Hulk speaks." 

Referring to President Trump's latest interview with Fox and Friends, Jimmy said, "He watches Fox & Friends blather on about a negative New Yorker article and then, eight minutes later, we get a tweet saying Congress should burn all the magazines. He's like a largemouth bass – he doesn't think, he just strikes when he's annoyed or when he hears the word 'Watergate'".

Accusing the President of not "really" knowing what Watergate means, Kimmel said, "He probably doesn't really know what Watergate is. He knows that it had something to do with spying and the President. So somehow, he convinces himself saying, 'Wait a minute! That's what's happening to me!' And then he says, 'This is Spygate!'"

Jimmy dismissed the idea of a conspiracy. "Even though there was no spy. Or a gate, for that matter. Now, this Spygate nonsense is out there, you have to decide who do you trust, the FBI or Pumpkin McPornHumper? Which one do you believe?" he asked the viewers. 

He also took a shot at Trump on animal welfare grounds by slightly altering Trump's famous slogan to "Making America Great Again one dead baby bear at a time."