Jimmy Kimmel reunites ‘Kangaroo Jack’ stars Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell, fans say it made their day

Jimmy Kimmel reunites ‘Kangaroo Jack’ stars Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell, fans say it made their day
Anthony Anderson and Jerry O'Connell (Getty Images)

To lift the spirits of the people who are going through a rough patch since the outbreak of the deadly disease, celebrities from across the globe are reaching out to fans to offer some light-hearted entertainment. Similarly, Jimmy Kimmel organized a fun reunion in April 29 episode of late night show home edition. 

The latest episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ saw Kangaroo Jack stars Anthony Andeson and Jerry O’Connell come together. 

The segment began with the ‘Black-ish’ actor giving details about the T-mobile commercial he shot with his mother from home amid lockdown. Anderson managed to crack us up by narrating his mother’s misadventures, including driving a 75-year-old senior citizen all the way to keep her company. He said he had no clue who the unwelcome guest his mother brought with her was. 

Kimmel then asked Anderson which one of his movies he’s proud of. In response, the actor named 'The Departed', 'Romeo Must Die', 'Me Myself & Irene' and 'Kangaroo Jack'.  

On hearing about the Warner Bros’ 2003 comedy film, Kimmel connects Anderson with O’Connell on a Zoom call. The co-stars were thrilled to see each other and couldn’t stop thanking Kimmel for making the reunion happen. Clad in a denim jacket with the face covered in a scarf, O’Connell shows off his COVID 19 look while Anderson flaunted his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ outfit. The duo was further thrilled when Kevin the Kangaroo joined them on the call in a red hoodie and black wayfarers. 

On watching the exciting reunion fans took to Twitter to share their love of the movie and the actors. One said, “But for which we are grateful! Watch #kangaroojack trend WAY UP on Netflix. America’s Kangaroo Jack!”

“Anthony Anderson has me dying on #JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse right now,” added and “this is also epic,” read a few comments. 

Another dedicated fan of ‘Kangaroo Jack’ wrote, “Is this for real @jimmykimmellive?!?! You guys just made my day. Thank you @anthonyanderson @mrjerryoc for making one of the best movie #KangarooJack Brought back childhood memories”

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Airs on all the weekdays. You watch also catch the episodes on Jimmy Kimmel’s official YouTube channel. 


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