Kevin Bacon tells Jimmy Kimmel wife Kyra Sedgwick's 'corona rules' include keeping pants on 'all the time'

Kevin Bacon tells Jimmy Kimmel wife Kyra Sedgwick's 'corona rules' include keeping pants on 'all the time'
Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon (Getty Images)

The ongoing worldwide lockdown due to the pandemic has left couples across the world with no choice but to remain cooped up in their homes with their significant others. While some are making use of the extended time with each other to work on their relationship, a few are bickering over the tiniest of issues. 

Hollywood’s celebrity couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, however, have found ways to work around their issues. 

The ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ actor who appeared on tonight's (May 6) episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' with his actress wife, discussed their "quarantine relationship" which runs on a set of rules. 

When the host asked the couple how their experience of lockdown has been, they revealed that they’ve never spent this much time with each other before. Bacon explained that Sedgwick has come up with a set of "corona rules" which she ensures her husband abides strictly. 

The first rule from a list of different specifications includes Bacon wearing his slippers for a minimum of 18 hours a day. However, nothing could beat the rule that was next in line. Sedgwick told Kimmel that she expects her husband to keep his pants on all the time.

She even admitted that she wants Bacon to do things that he normally wouldn’t do, including making the bed when she's not around. While the husband doesn’t realize the importance of the task, Sedgwick feels "all sort of thing happen in bed between morning and night."

Before your train of thought could go elsewhere, she was referring to a chunk of roof rat poop that was found between their sheets once. 

In the latter part of the show, the couple was asked to re-enact real-life dumb couple fights. The segment called 'I Scream' saw Bacon and Sedgwick bicker over the former eating her share of cookie and cream flavored ice cream when he had brought mint chocolate chip for himself. 

On watching the latest episode and totally smitten by Sedgwick's sense of humor, one fan wrote, "I really love her and envy/admire @kevinbacon not only is she beautiful but I dig her personality as well. Kevin chose well. Now off to @IMDb to find some Kyra Sedgwick movies."

"Roof rat poop in your bed?!? Burn your house down, @kyrasedgwick and @kevinbacon!” joked another fan referring to their hilarious story. 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' airs on all weekdays. You can also watch the latest episode on Jimmy Kimmel's official YouTube Channel.


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