Emily Blunt says John Krasinski had a strange way of coping with stress after shooting 'A Quiet Place Part II'

Emily Blunt says John Krasinski had a strange way of coping with stress after shooting 'A Quiet Place Part II'
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (Getty Images)

John Krasinski's directorial 'A Quiet Place' is returning to theatres on March 20 with a sequel and the second installment of the blockbuster film has already set high expectations among viewers.

While Emily Blunt will be reprising her role as Evelyn Abbott, her on-screen husband essayed by her real-life partner John Krasinski already died in the first movie. However, he will be seen reprising the role in flashback scenes. Although John only worked behind the camera in the sequel, he apparently was under a lot of stress. 

His wife and co-star from 'A Quiet Place Part II', who appeared on the March 10 episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' revealed that her husband has resorted to a strange "salvation" after wrapping up the post-production work for the sequel. 

Emily told Kimmel that John often "institutionalized" himself after the completion of his films. However, he did not get the time to "admit himself into a hospital" after 'A Quiet Place Part II', so he decided to indulge in one of his daughter's handicraft games.  

Soon, he created an extremely long "finger weaving cobra" which Emily put on display in the episode. 

She joked about how his eerie behavior and isolation had her worried. Emily said at one point she even looked at him and wondered if he was alright while he was busy weaving the cobra. However, he didn't respond as he was busy creating the snakes.  

Talking about how the sequel came to be, Emily said that she was even reluctant to considering featuring in 'A Quiet Place Part II' until John showed her the opening scene from the movie, which blew her mind. 

Meanwhile, giving a little insight into 'A Quiet Place Part II', Emily said that the sequel picks right where it left off in the original. John's character is dead and she's left with three children to fight for survival while being pursued by dangerous aliens.


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