'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Jim Parsons took up painting after 'Big Bang Theory' as he couldn't rely on acting jobs

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Jim Parsons took up painting after 'Big Bang Theory' as he couldn't rely on acting jobs
Jim Parsons (Getty Images)

One might know Jim Parsons for his role as Sheldon Cooper in CBS’s hit sitcom 'Big Bang Theory'. For more than a decade, his eccentric oddball of character entertained us with loads of quirks, and Parsons will always be remembered for offering us something so strange yet satisfying.

The 47-year-old actor has found himself new shows after wrapping up 'Big Bang Theory'. However, before he landed new projects, Parsons briefly took up something creative as he couldn’t count on acting jobs.

During his interview with Jimmy Kimmel in tonight's (April 28) episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' home edition, the 'Hollywood' actor gives an insight into his life after the legendary sitcom. His life has involved a lot of colors and experimentation, given his love for painting. 

When the host asked Parson about experiences in creative painting and how it all began, the actor revealed that when 'Big Bang Theory' was nearing its conclusion, he started looking into other outlets as jobs in acting weren't guaranteed. 

Parson took up painting with the help of his husband and television producer Todd Spiewak, who is an artist himself and has graduated in fine arts and graphic design. He started off with watercolors but soon moved to acrylic paint when his fear of staining things took over.

However, despite a lot of experimentation, he says he's yet to perfect his painting skills. On request from the host to display some of his works, Parson shows one of his paintings, imitating a photograph of his friends. 

In the rest of the segment, he spoke about getting further creative with his spouse in the lockdown as they are indulging in simple things, putting their talent to work and trying to make something special out of it. 

While Parsons’s tasks include the chores, Spiewak does the most of the cooking. He also joked how he isn’t "getting any thinner in quarantine" because of all the eating. 

Jim Parsons will be next seen on Netflix’s upcoming dramas ‘Hollywood’ which is set to release on May 1, 2020. 

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ airs on all the weekdays on ABC. You can also watch the latest episodes of home edition on Jimmy Kimmel’s official YouTube channel. 

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