'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he gets competitive with 'very strong' son-in-law Chris Pratt

The 'Terminator' actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and could not stop gushing about his son-in-law Chris Pratt.

                            'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he gets competitive with 'very strong' son-in-law Chris Pratt

Arnold Schwarzenegger welcomed a new member to his family after his daughter, Katherine married Chris Pratt. Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' the 'Terminator' actor shed some light on his relationship with Pratt. 

Schwarzenegger remarked that he was thrilled to have Pratt as his family now and called him a genuine individual. He further added that one thing that any father looks in a man for their daughter is that they keep them happy. According to Schwarzenegger, Pratt did that very well. "I am really happy that he is such a great guy and very talented actor," he said of Pratt. 

However, Schwarzenegger confessed that he was "blown away" when he found out that his daughter was dating Pratt. Schwarzenegger confessed that he was a very competitive man and when he found out about Pratt he thought to himself how Pratt was better than him. 

"He was taller than me, made more money than me, had better movies than me," he joked. Despite this competition, he added that he loved having Pratt around. The actor confessed that he even considered appointing Pratt as his trainer. 

"When I watched him perform the bench press I knew I wanted him to be my trainer," he said. Schwarzenegger further revealed that Pratt asked his permission before proposing to Katharine and appreciated him for sticking to the traditional roots. However, he added that he was not invited to the bachelor party. 

While Schwarzenegger did not seem upset about it he told Kimmel that he would have ensured that the bachelor party was smooth had he had been invited. The actor also gave an insight into his bachelor party as he stated that it was "wild". Even though Schwarzenegger could not be a part of Pratt's bachelor party there is no doubt that the two have the fun of their own during their gym session.

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