Jimmy Kimmel hosts hilarious 'American Idol' reunion and reveals what the singers have been up to with a song

Jimmy Kimmel helps us go down memory lane as he brings the past contestants of American Idol and shows us what they have been up to

                            Jimmy Kimmel hosts hilarious 'American Idol' reunion and reveals what the singers have been up to with a song
Jimmy Kimmel (Source : Getty Images)

American Idol just completed its season 16 in which Maddie Poppe was announced the winner. However, there are many other contestants who we have encountered in the journey of American Idol and all thanks to Jimmy Kimmel we now know what they have been up to after their season ended. 

During the Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! he brought together a number of familiar faces back on the television screen. Just how curious Jimmy was to know what these contestants had been up to, he knew the viewers would be too and decided to let the world know in a fun groovy way. In order to make the episode more interesting, Jimmy organized a "Where are They Now" musical segment.

The ABC host welcomed past stars such as Sanjaya Malakar, Scott MacIntyre, Kevin Covais, Antonella Barba and tone-deaf William Hung to join him in the segment. All of them were brought together at the studio where they had to record a song which was quite similar to the mashup of "We Are the World."

Soon, all the ex-Idolers came together and took their turn in explaining what they had been up to. While one of them spoke about " working as a bartender "making signature cocktails", another talked about driving for Uber. To make the segment a little funnier, winners Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks were also present and they were seen questioning why they had been made part of the segment. 

At the end of the segment, former Idol judge Randy Jackson also appeared in the video and was seen nodding her head to the beats of the music. However, she was later told that the headphones were not plugged in. Jimmy then called the entire group to come on stage and interact with the audience. This comes after Jimmy made a cameo appearance at the season 16 finale of the show. 

On Monday (May 21) Maddie was announced as the winner. Everyone thought that she deserved it and the judges were happy to hear the news. Time and again Maddie had shown progress in her performance and her taste in music made people fall in love with her.