Jimmy Garoppolo hints at a relationship with Kiara Mia as he sends her flowers after their date

After their hot date, Kiara Mia and Jimmy Garoppolo might have a summer romance in mind as the two are constatly texting each other

                            Jimmy Garoppolo hints at a relationship with Kiara Mia as he sends her flowers after their date
Jimmy Garoppolo (Source:Getty Images)

Kiara Mia and Jimmy Garoppolo might be planning on a summer romance as the pair seems to be still holding on to each other after their date on July 18. While the pair has not yet commented on their relationship or put the seal of dating on it yet, a close friend of Kiara tells Hollywood Life that she is in no hurry to start dating the San Francisco 49ers quarterback. 

“Kiara is still texting in touch with Jimmy,” a friend of the adult film star told the website. "But she’s not putting on any pressure to make him her boyfriend.”

Kiara and Jimmy seemed comfortable in each other's presence as the two were spotted enjoying their dinner date and later walked arm-in-arm out of the venue in Beverly Hills. 

“She had an amazing time with him and he’s treated her with nothing but respect and appreciation,” the source added. Even after their date, it looks like Jimmy is not letting any chance of wooing Kiara. “He even sent her flowers after their date, he’s just a really great guy and Kiara is impressed by him in every way, she has a total crush on him. Are they a couple? No. But, she will definitely see him again,” added the source. 

However, if there is a second date on the calenders then the pair plans on doing things differently. After being spotted for the first time together media outlets were quick to print reports about their romance but it seems like the pair wants to keep things as private as possible. 

“Kiara’s more than happy to keep it private and intimate, she has no problems with that," said the source. It may probably be for the best that the pair keeps their romance away from the limelight as the NFL preseason kicks off on August 9 and Jimmy's focus at that point is going to be football. 

“Jimmy is having fun dating,” a source close to Jimmy told the website. "He will continue to do so, but as we get closer to the NFL season, it will be all business. All of the extracurricular activities will not exactly stop, but you won’t be seeing him partying and going on a ton of dates.”

“He has learned from being with the [New England] Patriots and being mentored by Tom Brady on the ways to maneuver through celebrity during the NFL season,” the source added. The source added that Jimmy has "a lot to prove" at this point and would not want anything else to distract him from the game. 

However, looking at their romantic date, there is no doubt that the two enjoyed the quality time they got to spend together. While the pair may not be planning on officially dating as of now, maybe a second date might change things. As of now, we just got to wait and see what fate has in store for this couple. 

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