Jimmy Fallon appeals to the First Lady while serving subtle burns to Trump over "be a man Jimmy" remark

Fallon was left wondering why the President of America had time on his hands to tweet about him and he also cautioned the First Lady that her anti-bullying campaign wasn't working.

                            Jimmy Fallon appeals to the First Lady while serving subtle burns to Trump over "be a man Jimmy" remark
(L-R) Jimmy Fallon, First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump (Source: Getty Images)

Trust Jimmy Fallon to take the high road even when he is throwing shade at his critic, a rather newly-emerged one - the President of the United States. It all began with Donald Trump's 2016 appearance at 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and the now-infamous hair-tousle. 

It might have been a long time since the jocular interview, which had instantly turned into a heated online discussion, but the episode is still etched as a vivid memory for many a Trump supporter. Especially after the US president himself brought up the incident in a recent tweet, shot out on Sunday. 

Not the one to take all of this lying low, even Fallon responded to the social media spat, explaining his side of the story during Monday night's opening monologue for his 'Tonight Show...'.

“Before we begin, I just wanna give a shout out to our show’s No. 1 fan — the President of the United States! As you may have heard, last night, the President of the United States went after me on Twitter," began the chat show host, addressing Trump's tweets. 

He went on to appeal to the First lady as well, saying, "So Melania, if you’re watching, I don’t think your anti-bullying campaign is working.”

“When I saw that Trump insulted me on Twitter, I was gonna tweet back immediately, but I thought, ‘I have more important things to do.’ Then I thought, ‘Wait, shouldn’t he have more important things to do?’ (He’s the president! What are you doing? Why are you tweeting at me?!)," the 43-year-old comedian continued. 

In his tweet, taking a shot at The Tonight Show host, Trump talked about how Fallon's hair-tousle had “humanized” him in the middle of a presidential election.

Instead of taking another jab in response, Fallon went on to make a donation in the president's name to a nonprofit advocacy group, who have been trying to help the families separated following the Trump's administration's stringent approach towards curbing undocumented immigration. 

“In response, I made a donation in Trump’s name to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, or ‘RAICES,'” said Fallon, as per reports. “When Trump heard, he was like, “I love RAICES — they’re my favorite peanut butter cup.” 

Ending the segment, the comedian-cum-actor delivered a few more subtle burns including the one where "58% of Americans think President Trump is intelligent."

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump took his issues with Fallon to the podium on Monday, as part of his speech for South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, reports USA Today

Trump called Fallon, "a lost soul" and "a poor guy, because now he's going to lose all of us (as viewers)." There were more people on his diss list as he brought names of other talk show hosts, calling presumably Stephen Colbert, "a lowlife," and saying that Jimmy Kimmel used to "stand outside on the sidewalk waiting for me," before Trump became president. 

"Now I wouldn't do that show, the guy's terrible," Trump said on Kimmel. "I mean, honestly, are these people funny? I can laugh at myself. Frankly, if I couldn't I'd be in big trouble. But they're not, like, talented people."