'Jim Jefferies: Intolerant': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about the Netflix comedy special

‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’ is the comic's fourth Netflix Original stand-up special. It was filmed at The Wilbur in Boston

                            'Jim Jefferies: Intolerant': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about the Netflix comedy special

After ‘BARE’, ‘Freedumb’, and ‘This Is Me Now’, Jim Jefferies is back with what promises to be yet another hour-long fest of politically incorrect humor. The title for the new stand-up comedy special, ‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’, should already give you a clue for what you’re in for.

Release date

‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’ premieres globally on July 7, only on Netflix.


‘Intolerant’ is Jefferies’ fourth Netflix Original stand-up special. Filmed at The Wilbur in Boston, the special will see the Australian comedian toe the 'comedy line' with sharp and unapologetic jokes about his intolerance of lactose, germaphobes, and people with peanut allergies. 


Jim Jefferies

Comedian Jim Jefferies. (Getty Images)

Born Geoff James Nugent, the Australian-American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer first received international fame in 2007, but not the kind anyone would hope for. At the Manchester Comedy Store, an audience member went up to the stage and attacked Jefferies. 

“That guy was offended by my material, for sure, but he was also a nutter,” the comic said about the incident later. “Actually, that sort of thing happens a lot in comedy clubs. Some drunk will get up and shout that he's gonna punch your lights out, but then security chucks them out. But that guy was unusual because he didn't say anything first. He just ran on stage and started having a go.”

His fame in the U.S. came in 2009 after his debut HBO stand-up special, ‘I Swear to God’. The comic has since gone ahead to create (and star in) the American FX sitcom ‘Legit’ that ran from 2013 to 2014. He also hosted the Comedy Central late-night show ‘The Jim Jefferies Show’. 

Jefferies’ comedy has always been known to be inappropriate. His critics have called him “boorish”, “unpleasant”, and “misogynistic”.


The trailer for ‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’ acts like a movie trailer. It sees Jefferies narrating a story and there is inspirational and suspenseful music. And like film trailers, there are also slides with texts underlining his heroicness. But, of course, because it’s Jeffries, it’s a story about him almost s***ting his pants. 


He begins by informing the audience that he’s lactose intolerant and that his favorite food items are ice cream and cheese. He then tells how he took a woman out to a date at a restaurant, and the waiter there offered them a variety of cheese to taste.

He ate the cheese, despite knowing what would happen. And then begins the inspirational-looking, heroic-sounding tale of how he attempted to get to a bathroom. The trailer ends with a line teasing viewers: “Find out if Jim s***s himself on July 7.”

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