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'Jim Jefferies: Intolerant': Fans love his rage against millennials, some feel it wasn't enough

Jefferies spoke about millennials, calling them the worst people and noting that their generation prides itself on being the most progressive, forgetting that every generation was once exactly that

Spoilers for ‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’

Jim Jefferies, in his new Netflix stand-up comedy special, ‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’, takes on a bunch of somewhat-interconnected topics in his signature style: loud, profane, and caustic. Binding the topics under the central adventure of a scatological nature, Jefferies opined on old people’s tolerance for sexualities and gender fluidity, feminism, peanut allergy, “woke” culture, millennials, the 2016 ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot, and more. In his set, Jefferies spoke quite a bit about millennials, calling them the worst people. He noted that the millennial generation prides itself on being the most progressive, forgetting that every generation was once exactly that. He added in his set, complaining about how he gets questioned over some improper jokes every now and then, that millennials often expect everyone to walk at the same pace as them.

His fans -- and he has a dedicated lot -- seemed to love this new angry set. Although one fan noted, “@jimjefferies new standup is hilarious. One critique - your joke about Millennials is actually Zoomers. Gen Z, you're talking about. They're the college kids who are super "woke". Us Millennials are the adult working class now. I'm 35, only 7 years younger than you. Lol.” Another fan wrote, “Jim Jefferies' new stand-up was hilarious. His rant about millennials being the most progressive annoying c***s ever was on point. The last few specials were rated R, but this was rated MA 15+. Pretty sure that was because he said ‘c***’ only 48 times instead of 50.”

Yet another fan said, “Jim Jefferies speaking the truth about millennials. How they're the worst people on earth, and a horrible breed of people. But they've proved that already. All you gotta do is look at how the 'participation trophy, safe space, offended by everything' act in society.” Some fans, however, seemed to feel that this new set was not Jim Jefferies enough. One of them wrote, “So I just watched @jimjefferies intolerant I fought it was s*** but I think the reason it was s*** because Jim was sober...stop that Jim.” The comic has often spoken about his past addiction issue. Even in ‘Intolerant’, he practically began the set with a narration of his drinking habits. But fans, it seems, have higher expectations.

Another wrote, “I enjoyed your stand up in 2014 but your tv show sucks a**. Wish it was still the O and A Jim. Now you pretend to know about the world and do some Jon Stewart s*** but nowhere near as astute or clever. Hopefully, you'll find yourself again.” It would seem that to his hardcore fans, Jefferies was a little too much on the “woke” spectrum than he was supposed to be. Especially considering he did pontificate on that for quite a bit in the set. For all the vitriol Jefferies unleashed against the French -- he really hates them, though the reason for that seems unclear at best -- a fan from France got the better of the exchange. He wrote, "watching this on Netflix France."

‘Jim Jefferies: Intolerant’ is available on Netflix.