Jill Duggar slammed for promoting 'homophobic' sex education book for 3-year-olds

Jill Duggar advocated for Stan and Brenna Jones' 'The Story of Me,' which spreads some controversial messages about the LGBTQ community and single parents.

                            Jill Duggar slammed for promoting 'homophobic' sex education book for 3-year-olds

Jill Dillard is copping a lot of heat from fans on social media for promoting a new book that aims to teach children between the ages of three to five about sex. The daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, Jill was promoting Stan and Brenna Jones' 'The Story of Me,' and was criticized heavily for doing so. 

Jill and her partner, Derick Dillard, have two sons together, 1-year-old Samuel and 3-year-old Israel and she advocated for the book on her Instagram page, writing: "Want to teach your kids about the birds and the bees before someone else does, but you don’t know where to start? Someone in our small group told us about these books (4 book set) and we love them!" 


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The promotion may lead to even further controversy considering the content of the book. According to Radar Online, the book pushes a very conservative agenda, stating that parents must teach their kids that they can only have children of their own after they are married. "God wants only people who are married to have babies," the authors write.

It also states that any and all sex education must be imparted by the Christian parents alone and is filled with anti-LGBTQIA+ propaganda. Furthermore, the book also claims that neither same-sex parents nor single parents are fit to raise children. 

"God gave Sarah a vagina and womb, and he didn’t give that to you. That makes her a girl," 'The Story of Me' reads. "Only girls can become mommies, and only boys can become daddies. Being a boy or a girl is special to God!"I think this inappropriate for kids this age." 

Those who follow either Jill or Derrick will not be too surprised at the nature of the book. After all, the latter infamously slammed Trans Star Jazz Jennings after her gender confirmation surgery writing: "This kind of thinking should not be encouraged by media. A system that allows this kind of child abuse is clearly broken."


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The post was filled with angry comments, many who wrote how their children were too young for any such talk. One wrote: "Your kids aren’t even old enough to tie their shoes. Is teaching them about birds and bees really at the top of the priority list right now?" and another similarly commented: "

There were others that did not take too kindly to the homophobia as well. One follower wrote, "I hope neither of your boys or future children is gay. They will suffer great shame throughout their lives. Teach tolerance and love not hate."

However, there were also messages of support. One user praised her for sharing, writing, "You do you and your kids. There is nothing in that book that if you truly believe God's words and the Bible that sends messages of hate. It's hate these days to disagree with people's opinions. It's called an opinion," and another posted, "I wish they had these books when my kids was growing up..."