Jill Duggar cheers on her disgraced husband Derick as he runs a marathon

Devoted wife Jill Duggar stuck by her disgraced husband Derick Dillard as he ran a marathon despite his health issues

                            Jill Duggar cheers on her disgraced husband Derick as he runs a marathon
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After being fired from Counting On, the disgraced Derick Dillard seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands. His devoted wife Jill Duggar cheered Derick on as he ran a marathon. It is reported that viewers saw him gagging on camera as he was jogging. Since the time that Derick was a teenager, he suffered from several health issues and was forced to stop by the road when he began to cough and retch violently. He also revealed to the cameras that he would often experience such systems when he was doing any sort of strenuous activity. 

She posted a photograph of Derick running with his competitors and posted the caption saying, "Yay for @derickdillard So proud of you babe! #running the #hogeyemarathon this morning! #yougotthis."

Before the race took place, Derick shared a selfie on Instagram of himself, Jill, and their two sons sitting at the table. uploaded the photo with the caption, "My wifey @jillmdillard makes the best pre-marathon race meals! Thanks, babe!"the time of the show, he went to a doctor on Counting On who shared that his lungs were fine but he was allergic to a long list of things, including plants and trees. However, Derick continued his running and exercise and clearly has plenty of time to pursue that now. 

Derick was fired from the Dugger family reality show, Counting On for yelling and blasting TLC’s transgender star, Jazz Jennings. TLC, the network that made the Duggar Family famous decided to cut all ties with  Derick after his social media outbursts shocked a lot of people. 

He called out the 17-year-old Jennings and wrote in a tweet, "I pity Jazz."

As reported by RadarOnline, Derick also claimed that he and his wife Jill were basically volunteers on the show as they were allegedly never paid.