‘No different than a swimsuit’: Jessie James Decker defends wearing underwear around her children

‘No different than a swimsuit’: Jessie James Decker defends wearing underwear around her children
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Jessie James Decker has given a befitting reply to her trolls who shamed her for wearing underwear around her son. On Tuesday, April 21, she posted a picture of herself in a pair of black underwear, fitted white t-shirt, which clung to her bust, and a pair of slippers on a grey armchair.

She was also seen holding a glass of wine in the image with her dog and one of her sons in the background. She captioned the picture: “Tuesday”.

However, that did not go down well with some of her followers as the person commented: “You walk around like that with your kids around.” To which, the ‘Flip My Hair’ singer replied, “Yes. No different than a swimsuit. I teach my children the body is beautiful. Nothing to be ashamed of.”

One more user attempted to troll her but the pop singer shut that person down with her epic response: “Poor Eric mentioned nicely he was tired of seeing me and my old maternity panties LOL.”


However, not everyone shamed her for the post as many appreciated her toned figure and cool mood.

“Tag yourself - I’m the unused workout machine in the corner. Ok also what type of red wine are you drinking I need inspo for my next bottle,” one of her fans wrote. Another one asked her the secret of her sexy figure, “Can you do a live about what you eat in a day? And how you stay in shape??” While the third one chimed, “Yup that’s all of us right now! Minus the super hot body! Lol.”


Another person just slammed the troll: "Why bother following someone if you just intend on making nasty comments on their feed? That’s what is really  "

The ‘Boys in the Summer’ singer is currently practicing social distancing at her home with her former professional football player husband, Eric Decker, and their three little ones — Vivianne, 6, Eric, 4, and Forrest, 2. They also celebrated the former professional football player’s birthday while in quarantine recently.

However, this was not the first time, the ‘I Look So Good’ singer has been trolled for her choices. In late March also, she faced a huge backlash for posting a snapshot of herself breastfeeding her baby, Forrest Bradley, while holding a glass of what looked like wine.

While some cheered her on with comments like: “You go, girl! I breastfed all 6 of mine and I love seeing women showing pics of it! It will hopefully someday normalize it for younger generations."


But there were also a few who raised concerns about the kind of drink Jessie could have been drinking. “You and your baby are beautiful!!!! I hope that’s not alcohol while you feeding that precious gift…” one user wrote, while another commented, “Why is it okay to drink while breastfeeding?”

But some mothers also came forward in defense of Decker regarding her choices as one said, “Love it!!! I just learned that it’s totally fine to drink while breastfeeding!!” “People give me sh– for having a drink and breastfeeding… my pediatrician told me it was perfectly fine just don’t get hammered lol,” another mother added.


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 Jessie James Decker slams trolls who shamed her for wearing underwear around her son