Jessica Simpson shares how daughter Maxwell is already cut out for the modeling world

 Jessica Simpson shares how daughter Maxwell is already cut out for the modeling world
Jessica Simpson (Source:Getty Images)

Jessica Simpson's adorable daughter Maxwell might be cut out for the runways, and this comes from none other than her own mother. In a recent interview with ET at her own fashion show at Dillard's in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, the designer joked about how her daughter had to be kept in the dark about the event.

"She doesn't really know that I'm here doing this because she would be very sad that she is not the star of the show," shared Simpson. "She would have been guiding people and telling them how to do the hip stance."

"She has it down better than her mama!" she added with a smile.

Simpson says that Maxwell's dream is to be a model, so much so that she has to leave her at home during fashion events because the 5-year-old would take over the show. And ever since she walked the runway in one of Simpson's fashion shows, she can't stop talking about it. 


"She just does it every day to be honest, like there is no stopping her," Simpson told ET. "I don't know what else to do, it is out of my control."

Maybe one day in the future will see Maxwell and her 4-year-old brother Ace take over the likes of model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, and Simpson has no qualms about her children in the glamour industry.

"I would definitely embrace my children to being performers," the 37-year-old actress shared. "To me, they're like the stars of my life, so I would love for the world to see what I see."

During her conversation, the fashion designer also spoke about her new collection, where she employed military wives and children to model for her collection in a bid to honor "all the ladies and the children at [U.S. Army base] Fort Campbell."

"My best friend is a military wife and I have seen first-hand the sacrifices these women make and I just wanted to celebrate them today," Simpson added


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