Jessica Simpson gets slammed by fans after her husband throws son with broken arm in swimming pool

Jessica Simpson gets called out by parent shamers who slam her after her husband throws their son Ace in swimming pool while his arm was broken

                            Jessica Simpson gets slammed by fans after her husband throws son with broken arm in swimming pool
Jessica Simpson (Source:Getty Images)

Singer Jessica Simpson has been called out by her fans and followers after her husband, Eric Johnson, threw their son who currently has a broken arm into the air in a swimming pool. A video clip showed the four-year-old child, Ace, being flipped in the air while he was wearing his cast. 

The former American footballer, 38-year-old Eric was seen in the video wearing a red cap and holds Ace in his lap before launching him into the air. 37-year-old Jessica Simpson shared the video on her social media and captioned it, "A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast". Despite the fact that the cast may be waterproof, many people found the video to be cringe-worthy when they saw it. 

One fan wrote, "A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast". Another fan took to social media to comment, "I had no idea it's possible to swim with a broken arm! Probably not the best choice."While another concerned fan went on to add, "Be careful!!" However, some fans found no harm in the footage and shared, "You realize he is being flipped into water right? They are not flipping him on concrete!"

One of Jessica's supporters added, "LOL at all the parent police 😂😂 I’m sure the doctor was made aware they have a pool & will be swimming considering the kid has a WATERPROOF CAST ALREADY ON". "If the doctor said it wasn’t a good idea, I’m sure they would do what’s best for THEIR son" another added. 

As per Jessica's social media, Ace broke his arm on June 19. Simpson did not go into any details about how her child broke his arm but did reveal, "#ICriedMoreThanHeDid. This kid is breaking more than hearts these days 💔". 

This is not the first time that Jessica Simpson has come under the watchful eye of the public and called out for some questionable parenting traits. Last year her fans protested that her six-year-old daughter Maxwell Drew was just too young to be wearing makeup after she posted a very controversial photograph to Instagram. 

When the American singer posted a picture of the then five-year-old sitting in a chair caked with makeup, people could not believe their eyes and the picture raised a lot of eyebrows. The image shows Maxwell sporting purple lipstick as she pouts for the camera alongside her mother, Jessica who also strikes a similar pose. She captioned the shot, "This is NOT an #ad, @maccosmetics is my daughter’s favorite store! Mommy-Daughter Day with #MAXIDREW #girlygoth". 

Currently, the couple has two children and have not ruled out adding another to their household. The mother of two shares that having a third baby "would definitely have to be a bit of a miracle". Jessica spoke to Entertainment Tonight and shared details on her marriage as well as the couple's two children, Ace and Maxwell and admitted that she has "baby fever". 

"We always practice". The pair "don’t really know" if they will have child number three but she is "very attracted" to her former NFL player husband. "Today, we got to go on this trip without the kids, [and usually] we don’t go places without the kids,  "she said, noting the perk that "all the attention" is shared between the couple. 

Recently, she revealed to Ellen that she definitely was not pregnant despite all the rumors that she and Johnson were expecting their third child. "We got an IUD, nothing’s gonna get in that uterus". "I have two beautiful children, and I’m not having a third. They’re too cute … you can’t top that," Simpson shared as an adorable photograph of her family appeared on the screen behind. 

She explained to ET, "My daughter’s about to turn 6 — May 1st is her birthday — and then my son’s gonna turn 5 June 30th. And it’s just like, ‘Wait, so this is no longer toddler, this is full-on kid. My daughter thinks she’s a teenager. My son at least wants to be a baby still". Simpson and Johnson began dating in the year 2010 in the month of May and decided to tie the knot in July 2014. The couple had their baby girl Maxwell in the year 2012 and then their son Ace in the year 2013. 

Jessica and Eric recently took to social media to show off her selfie-taking skills. The parents of two decided to take a break from their beach vacation to show odd their resort wear and their hot bodies as well.

The couple was seen posing in the closet in the hotel room that they were staying in as Jessica sported a cleavage showing bikini, a colorful sarong, and a pair of white sunglasses. Johnson, on the other hand, was seen shirtless and wearing a pair of shorts as he flexed his abs. Jessica captioned the picture, "I taught my husband the art of the closet selfie".