Jessica Simpson reveals the secret to how her husband Eric Johnson keeps her "hot"

Jessica Simpson shares how her husband Eric Johnson keeps her 'hot' and feeling 'healthy' and 'youthful'

                            Jessica Simpson reveals the secret to how her husband Eric Johnson keeps her "hot"
Jessica Simpson (Source:Getty Images)

Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson know how to let their marriage grow and thrive. For one, the 'I Wanna Love You Forever' singer gives credit to her husband for keeping her feeling youthful and healthy. In an interview to ET, at the Jessica Simpson Collection fashion show at Dillard's in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, Jessica opened up about her marriage to the former NFL star, "He keeps me hot, I have to say." She was there to promote new products from her Beauty Fiend line of cosmetic accessories and was accompanied by six-year-old daughter Maxwell. 

The couple has been married for four years and has two beautiful children together - daughter Maxwell and son Ace.

Recently, Jessica shared a picture of her new red fiery hairdo on Instagram, which marked the celebration of her 38th birthday. "Sultry 38," she wrote as the caption of the photograph.

Speaking about her new hair color, Jessica said, "I wanted to have fun, to feel sexy and it's like, OK, 38, what are we going to do to celebrate 38? Let's have red hair." She also revealed that more than her fiery hairdo her desire to keep healthy and youthful was driven by her husband and seeing how energetic and excited he is especially around their children. "He's always throwing around the kids, and he's just an amazing father, it makes me want to stay young. Like how can you be so active? I mean watching the kids running makes me exhausted," Simpson said. 

The parents are a one hundred percent devoted to their children Maxwell and Ace and are very content with the size of family that they have. "We are good; we are chilling. I mean we're very happy and, we know how to make babies very well but, we got the little one here." To her Beauty Fiend line of cosmetic accessories promotion event, her daughter Maxwell decided to tag along, and Simpson described the event as a "definite bring your daughter to work day." 

"It is all about beauty, and my daughter is just as obsessed with hair and makeup and entertainment, as I am," she added. Simpson also went on to add that her little girl also gave her some great insights and input when it came to designing new products. "She has helped me along the way. It's good to have an opinion from a 6-year-old, we all need a little youth," Simpson revealed. 

Between being a mother and running a cosmetic line, Jessica revealed that she makes it a point to find some time for herself and do her own make-up and dressing. "I always like set time aside to, you know, love on myself for a little bit. I feel like as women we all need that, every day. Like, kind of a little pep talk in front of the mirror with some contour," she added. 

Although, she said she goes make-up free "all the time" but at times also takes out time to get dolled up: "When I do put on makeup I do feel like a lady." Clearly, Jessica is living the best life possible with her family and recently posted a picture of Eric carrying their children on his shoulders on Instagram and wrote, "God gave me life to live it with this man."

Jessica was honored at the 40th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards at the Pierre New York Hotel. "The fact that people think I'm doing a pretty good job [as a mother] is the best compliment. The most rewarding part of being a mother is really just watching my kids grow. It's like, how much knowledge they have about life is just so meaningful to me, and how much heart they put into everything they do. There's just nothing like the innocence of a child," she told ET.  

However, a recent incident had Jessica Simpson being targeted by mom-shamers online. Simpson was called out by her fans and followers after her husband, Eric Johnson, threw their son (who currently has a broken arm) into the air in a swimming pool. The video clip showed the four-year-old child, Ace, being flipped in the air while he was wearing his cast. Simpson shared the video on her social media and captioned it, "A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast." Despite the fact that the cast may be waterproof, many people found the video to be cringe-worthy and seem to have taken an offense.

One fan took to social media to comment, "I had no idea it's possible to swim with a broken arm! Probably not the best choice." While another concerned fan went on to add, "Be careful!!" However, some fans found no harm in the footage and shared, "You realize he is being flipped into water right? They are not flipping him on concrete!"

As per Jessica's social media, Ace broke his arm on June 19. Simpson did not go into any details about how her child broke his arm but did reveal, "#ICriedMoreThanHeDid. This kid is breaking more than hearts these days 💔." 

The singer was also called out by fans last year when Simpson posted a picture of her daughter in make-up.  The image shows Maxwell sporting purple lipstick as she pouts for the camera alongside her mother, Jessica who also strikes a similar pose. She captioned the shot, "This is NOT an #ad, @maccosmetics is my daughter’s favorite store! Mommy-Daughter Day with #MAXIDREW #girlygoth". 

The couple, however, was least bothered by the mom-shamers on both incidents and were recently seen posing in the closet in their hotel room where Jessica was seen sporting a bikini, a colorful sarong, and a pair of white sunglasses. She was seen standing alongside her husband who was shirtless and wearing a pair of shorts as he flexed his abs. Jessica captioned the picture, "I taught my husband the art of the closet selfie."