Krysten 'Jessica Jones' Ritter says she's working out for filming season 3 of Netflix show

The Netflix show star revealed during a recent convention that she was already preparing for the filming of third season of the popular show.

                            Krysten 'Jessica Jones' Ritter says she's working out for filming season 3 of Netflix show
Krysten Ritter (Source : Getty Images)

Marvel Television's 'Jessica Jones' proved to be a hit upon initial release in November 2015, with a second season getting the green light and premiering this past March.

The Netflix series opens up with Jones opening a detective agency after her superhero career comes to an end.

It was a big hit with fans. Season 2 of the Melissa Rosenberg-created show was also received well by critics and audiences, and the series was soon renewed for a third season on April 12 last month, just a month after the second season premiered.

Now filming for third season will be underway soon, with Krysten Ritter, who stars in the titular role, saying that she was working out to get into shape for it. 

Speaking at Comicpalooza in Houston, "Spoiler alert! I start very soon. I'm training, boxing, all of that. Pumping iron," she said, adding that the work was 'intense' but "it was worth it to stay on top of the filming schedule."

Ritter revealed that she was already working on season 3 (Source: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

ADVERTISEMENT reports that the answer was prompted because of a rhetorical question put forward by the actress's manager Kyle Luker.

She also elaborated on the hard work put in on the sets, which helps the crew keep up with the schedule.

"You have to get yourself physically prepared to do the stunts, but also our schedule's crazy. We work long hours, sometimes we work overnight. I found that when I start off in really good shape, I feel better and I can keep up with the schedule," the actress said.

'Jessica Jones' was renewed for a third season last month (Source: IMDb)


Ritter also spoke about her character on the show, telling the gathered audience: "What I love so much about Season One or Season Two were how deeply personal both storylines were, but different. So I got to explore different things within her and in my performance, show new colors.


"I think Season One and Two, we really looked back at Jessica’s past. We looked at what made her as hardcore she is and how isolated [she is], and she’s learned a lot — I think especially in Season Two she’s learned a lot about herself. She has a lot to live up to, and I’m curious to see what she does next," she continued.

If the producers follow the same timeline of release as they did for season 2, it's likely that we do not see the former superhero-turned detective returning to Netflix any time soon.

However, considering how good the first two seasons have been, fans won't rue the creators taking their own sweet time.