Jessica Alves felt pressured to share 'full nudes' on OnlyFans after sex reassignment

Jessica Alves underwent sex reassignment surgery at the start of 2021 after coming out publicly as transgender in 2020

                            Jessica Alves felt pressured to share 'full nudes' on OnlyFans after sex reassignment
Jessica Alves opens up about her OnlyFans (Instagram/Jessica Alves)

Jessica Alves has revealed in a new interview that she felt pressure from her OnlyFans followers to share “full nudes” after her gender reassignment surgery. The reality star said, “Yes I did [feel pressured], men and women were curious to see what I was like without clothing. I am not a prude, nor shy, and I wasted too many years of my life being unhappy. Now it is my time to explore my femininity and sensuality while I can.”

Alves, a trans woman, said earlier this month that she made her first million after signing up to OnlyFans. Alves said, “I have made my first million on my OnlyFans and to celebrate that with my fans I have had a new photoshoot.” She added that she was planning to share a series of “full nudes” on her OnlyFans page. Jessica underwent sex reassignment surgery at the start of 2021 after coming out publicly as transgender in 2020.

She further said at the time that eight months on from her gender affirmation surgery she was “feeling amazing”, and loved “being desired as a female.”


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Now, in an interview with the Daily Mail, she said, “For me, [nudity] is why you validate me as a woman and to prove to myself that every single surgery worked out perfectly and that I am a woman.” Alves also told the tabloid, “It took me 36 years to transition, I never felt beautiful or sexy nor sensual. Now, I turn heads and attract a lot of male attention which is good for my ego, but I am still single.”

She explained that her followers encouraged her to create an account on the subscriber-only platform on a “daily basis”. She said, “[On a] daily basis I got messages and emails from fans asking me to have a profile on OnlyFans, but I never knew that I would ever make any money out of it. Now I have made $1M in no time and it is very flattering.”

“I have been working on my content and hiring professional photographers [who] specialize in female nude photography for magazines such as Playboy. I just want to give the best to my fans on Onlyfans,” she said, adding that the response from her followers about her pictures has been phenomenal. She said, “Now they have been asking for videos, also I spend a lot of my time replying to messages and giving them my attention. Some of my fans are women asking advice about beauty and plastic surgery, some are trans women asking advice on how to transition. But most of my fans are male who want to see me naked, and on Onlyfans they have full access to Jessica Alves. I am enjoying it while it lasts!”


Earlier, Alves had said that she would love to pose naked on the cover of Playboy magazine, and dreamed of being a mother. But there are complications. Speaking about the potential of having a womb transplant, she said in an earlier interview, “The womb surgery is possible but due to the fact that my pelvis is a male pelvis it doesn’t enlarge, nor is it able to hold a baby.” 

She added, “I have now given up on the surgery. I am very upset and frustrated as I would have loved to carry my own baby. And now I am studying other options in order to have my own family. It Is very frustrating to know that the surgery exists and that I am not a good candidate. I had a lot of exams in the UK, Turkey and now in Brazil, and I had a lot of opinions from the doctors which made me confused. But all of them agreed that my pelvis would not enlarge if I fell pregnant.”

Back in August, Alves revealed that her first sexual encounter since her gender affirmation surgery was an uncomfortable experience. “My first time was painful after sex,” she admitted during an interview. “I had to take painkillers and stay in bed! When I called the surgeon in Thailand he said that the pain was normal. And so was a little blood.” She said, however, since then, she has gotten used to it. “Now it is fine -- no pain anymore! And seven months after my sex change I couldn’t be any happier!”

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