Jess and Gabriel Conte share how they found love on YouTube and created their own musical fairytale

Jess and Gabriel Conte have been giving us couple goals ever since they got together, and their latest EP is simply adorable

                            Jess and Gabriel Conte share how they found love on YouTube and created their own musical fairytale

It is not an ordinary affair to meet the love of your life on YouTube, especially taking that love to a whole new level by a joined partnership of your channels. Well, sometimes fairytales do come true and it certainly did for the now-wedded YouTube vlogging couple, Jess and Gabriel Conte. The two recently launched their most anticipated album of the year, the Christmas EP 'I'll be Home', on November 12, and it can be said that the couple seems to have gotten super Christmassy pretty early this year. 

With over two million subscribers on YouTube, the two had individually begun utilizing YouTube years ago. As amateurs back then, their video mostly consisted of moments that they shared with their families and friends. However, as the spell for YouTube goes, it was only moments before Jess' video with her father and brother went viral and it certainly served as a turning point not only in her career but also in her personal life.

Similarly, Gabriel Conte who is well-known for his "most annoying things girlfriends do" video, found his fame and his love on the streaming platform. Ever since, the couple has been posting videos and short clips of their lives, documenting moments, events and certain clips from their daily lives.

Even though their world began to glow with fame while they were content creators, things began to fall in place perfectly when the two collaborated. In an exclusive conversation with MEAWW, the pair narrated how their journey as a couple became a vital part of their career.

"We were both content creators before meeting each other, but once we started dating and sharing our lives together for the world to see, things kind of took off more than we ever could’ve expected! We have been able to share our journey since we started dating all the way to marriage and have now been married for two years! We’ve been so blessed with both our personal and professional journey together."

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we made our very first snowman yesterday... meet kevin ⛄️🤪

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Their latest Christmas EP has been much anticipated for all the right reasons. Their gorgeous cover of 'I'll be Home for Christmas' brings about a mellow sadness in the otherwise cheerful holiday season, since the song was chiefly covered from Jess' perspective, who in spite of being married to Gabriel for a year and a half, has not been able to receive her US citizenship — which means that she was not able to visit home for Christmas.

Probably that acted as inspiration when the two "went into the studio with [their] producer and sat around the first day singing a bunch of different Christmas songs [they] liked. From there, [they] released what songs [they] liked best and enjoyed the most."


As much as the song is heartwarming, the video will surely induce some tears. As a memory of all the holidays that she has spent with her family, the video is like a montage dedicated to their loved ones which contain moments from their childhood and early days as kids. Speaking about the approach that they took while working on a video, the pair described, "Our vlogs are normally pretty unplanned. We typically have a rough outline of what our day will look like (and always try to have something interesting for the viewers in there as well), and we just go through the day having the most fun and laughter possible!"

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Considering that their love began with content creation, it certainly plays a huge part in their relationship. It certainly is difficult to keep their private life aside while making it a significant part of their vlogs. However, this is also the very reason why they continue to hold on to their bond, as they said, "We get to work for ourselves which is such a blessing, and we constantly get to use our creativity doing what we love!"

The two had, in fact, tied the knot back in 2016, only three months after being engaged, and surely their YouTube family was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of their fairytale marriage.

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2 years ❤️ Jesus has truly blessed me! happy anniversary my love!

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Undoubtedly, that is the best video that the couple has made to date, since they claim, "Both the engagement and wedding videos are very happy! Along with a lot of the videos, we filmed right after the wedding. It was a very happy time!" Now as one of the most popular couples on YouTube both Gabriel and Jess, who had initially found their popularity a little strange, are gradually getting adjusted to their internet fame.

They affirm, "At first it was definitely a strange concept that people knew who we were, but eventually, it becomes pretty normal, and it’s not something we constantly think about while we’re going about our day-to-day life. It is such a blessing though, knowing that we have a voice to spread positivity and our faith. Sometimes it can be a bit stressful knowing that so many people are watching us, but we always try to think of it as more of a blessing than anything else!"

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