'Jersey Shore': Vinny says Ronnie needs 'rehab from Jen' after the couple's relationship turns sour again

The boys are stepping in and talking about everything that has been going on between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his ex-girlfriend, Jen Harley

                            'Jersey Shore': Vinny says Ronnie needs 'rehab from Jen' after the couple's relationship turns sour again
Vinny (MTV)

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his ex-girlfriend have made headlines for their toxic relationship. The two have had several problems and in one of the incidents, things got physical. Time and again the gang has asked Ronnie to cut his ties with Jen once and for all, but it seems like he is unable to do it. 

In the latest episode (April 23), Mike Sorrentino, Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino decided to go out for a nice dinner while the girls enjoyed the bachelorette party. While the boys were having a good time, one person who was not with them was Ronnie. They admitted it was not the same without him and then shifted to the topic of Jen. 

Mike admitted that Ronnie had to "man up" to the situation revolving around Jen. He thought Jen was one of the choices for Ronnie but it was not a good choice given how many times the two have gotten into an argument. Pauly reflected on the time when he sat down with Ronnie and asked him to take a step back from the relationship. 

He reminded him of the time when Jen and into a physical fight with him and how things ended badly for them. Mike tried to reason it out saying there was a possibility Ronnie was feeling overwhelmed. He added that Ronnie might be finding it hard to understand what would be the best time to take a step back. 

Meanwhile, Vinny agreed and stated that Ronnie needed a "rehab from Jen". The boys agreed Jen was bad news for Ronnie. They later decided to give him a call to ask how he was doing. Ronnie admitted that things have been hard but he was taking one step at a time. 

He confessed he was ready to take a step back and be positive about everything in life. Ronnie admitted he was trying to be a better person and a better father. The boys were happy to hear how much Ronnie had evolved as a person. 

They hoped that things would be better in the future but for now, the boys decided to support him through everything. 

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV. 

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