'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Ronnie makes fans 'proud' as he decides not to date any girl on first night

Fans were happy to see Ronnie's growth when he put himself first rather than jumping into another relationship

                            'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Ronnie makes fans 'proud' as he decides not to date any girl on first night
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro (MTV)

'Jersey Shore' star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro will be the first person to admit that he hasn't had the best luck when it comes to finding love. Over the years we have seen the reality star fall in love instantly and inevitably get into a toxic, unhealthy relationship that ends on a disastrous note. Despite all his bad past experiences, Ronnie isn't hesitant to give love another chance and continues his quest to find his dream woman.

Luckily for Ronnie, his fellow 'Jersey Shore' cast members, especially Pauly D and Vinny, are determined to help him find a girl. Following their stint on hit reality dating show 'Double Shot at Love', Pauly and Vinny felt that they would be the best wingmen/ hype men for their friend and hosted a variation of the dating show for Ronnie. Ronnie dubbed it as 'Trouble Shot at Love' when he heard that his two prankster friends would be behind it. 

Mike "The Situation" too joined hands with Pauly and Vinny to help Ronnie find a girl. The trio managed to pick a few girls for Ronnie and brought them back to their hotel in Las Vegas. The girls introduced themselves to Ronnie, following which Pauly and Vinny had them showing off their social media skills by challenging them to come up with a hashtag, since Ronnie is obsessed with them. The ladies put on their creative hats and came up with some very interesting hashtags and revealed a bit of their personality while explaining the hashtag. 

Later, Ronnie got to interact with the women one-on-one a la speed dating style and got to chat with them about their lives. They played a couple of more fun games like Never Have I Ever and danced their hearts out before Ronnie finally revealed which lucky girl he was interested in. He asked his friends on their thoughts and then spent some time thinking it over. Finally, he met the girls and praised them all for their fun and vibrant personalities. Ronnie left everybody shocked when he declared that he wouldn't be dating any of the girls in the room as he wants to take his time finding his dream girl and invest time and effort into building a relationship rather than falling in love too fast and repeating his past mistakes.

While the girls left the hotel feeling a bit disappointed with Ronnie's decision, his fellow cast members and fans were however very pleased with his decision. Several fans took to  Twitter to shower praises upon him for putting himself first and learning from his past mistakes. A fan tweeted, "Big respect for @RealRonnieMagro ! I love this new Ronnie! #JSFamilyVacation." Another said, "So proud of Ronnie's growth. It has been along time coming #JSFamilyVacation." One more said, "#JSFamilyVacation I am surprised that Ronnie decided himself, but that show serious self-growth."




"WHAT RONNIE WHAT #JSFamilyVacation you really learned look at you," pointed a fan. Another fan expressed, "What a great option look at ronnie growing tf up relationship wise #JSFamilyVacation." One fan joked, "Whew, wasn’t expecting Ronnie to pick no one! Love to see the maturity lol #JSFamilyVacation."




'Jersey Shore: Family vacation' Season 4 airs every Thursday at 8/7c only on MTV. 

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