'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Lauren hints at how 'karma' got to Angelina, fans call her 'queen' for speaking up

Lauren Sorrentino/Pesce reminded Angelina about how she had also made some sensitive comments about Mike at the time of her wedding

                            'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Lauren hints at how 'karma' got to Angelina, fans call her 'queen' for speaking up
Lauren and Angelina (MTV)

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' came back on television and brought a lot of drama for the viewers to watch. One thing that did not change was Angelina Pivarnick's relationship with the rest of the cast members following her wedding drama. In the last season, fans were not happy with how Angelina responded to the girls' speech on her wedding day. 

Some thought she was doing it to gain attention. Fast forward to the new season, things haven't changed much between the cast members. Even though Angelina hinted she wanted to move on from what had happened, the others did not seem too happy about it. After spending time apart from each other, Mike Sorrentino, Lauren Sorrentino/Pesce and Vinny Guadagnino decided to meet up. This was the first time they were coming together after the wedding drama. While Mike and Vinny hoped to have a casual talk, Lauren seemed to be on another page. It seemed like Lauren had her sleeves folded to get in an argument with Angelina. She was quick to comment on Angelina's behavior and admitted she was being "dramatic." 

At the same time, Lauren hinted "karma got to Angelina" for how she had behaved at her wedding. Lauren had made it clear she was not happy with how Angelina had behaved at the time of her wedding with Mike. When Lauren and Mike got to get married, there were different articles that hinted he would be heading to jail. 

Angelina decided to bring this topic up when Lauren and the girls went wedding dress shopping. At the same time, she had shared some articles on her social media that were directed towards Mike. Lauren was quick to remind Angelina about it and hinted she felt the same when that had happened. 



Lauren added it was time for Angelina to move on from what had happened and not be dramatic. Fans were quick to applaud Lauren for speaking up. "YASSSS!! I FREAKIN love @lauren_pesce for this!!! Go off, girl, go off!!! Lauren is my favorite!!" read one comment. "YES QUEEN LAUREN GO AFTER ANGELINA," read another comment. 



"I did not know @lauren_pesce had a fire like that... Kinda scary because she's always so calm," wrote a shocked viewer. "I love @lauren_pesce She really called out Angelina. AS SHE SHOULD," read another comment. 

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV. 

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