'Jersey Shore': Lauren reveals she had a miscarriage and says keeping the news private was 'intoxicating'

Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce opened up about their emotional journey to get pregnant and how they got through a miscarriage

                            'Jersey Shore': Lauren reveals she had a miscarriage and says keeping the news private was 'intoxicating'
Mike and Lauren (MTV)

Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce have always been open about having a child and starting their family. When Sorrentino came out of prison, he was vocal about spending some quality time with his wife and thinking about having a family of his own. In fact, the cast thought that Sorrentino should think about having a baby as he had been away from Lauren for a long time. 

At first, the pair kept tight-lipped about their plans to have a child. However, in the latest episode (May 14), Sorrentino and Pesce opened up about having a miscarriage. Pesce revealed she got pregnant on the day Sorrentino was released from prison but they got the sad news about the miscarriage just five to six weeks into the pregnancy. 

Pesce revealed she had a feeling something was wrong and decided to go meet the doctor. However, to her surprise, the doctor told her that everything was fine with the baby. Unfortunately, the same night Pesce found out that she had a miscarriage. The pair admitted it had been a piece of difficult news to swallow. 

Sorrentino said that being a new couple that was expecting to have a family, it was hard for them to cope with the news. However, he applauded his wife for her strength even after finding out about the devastating news. 

Pesce admitted it had been really hard for her to not open up about the miscarriage to anyone. She said that keeping all that negativity inside was intoxicating for her. However, they made it a point to open up about their feelings to each other. The pair further revealed that since they are transparent about their relationship, they knew it was important to share this piece of information as well. 

Sorrentino further revealed they are trying to have a child and have been keeping appointments with each other to make sure they had the best time fixed for having sex. While the cast laughed it out, all of them came in to support the couple and assured them they were there for them. 

Despite this devastating news, Sorrentino and Pesce seemed optimistic about the future and are ready to keep trying for a baby. 

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