'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Mike Sorrentino lies to the girls to get them together, but will his plan work?

Mike Sorrentino has come up with a plan to bring the family together, but the girls may not be ready to move on

                            'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': Mike Sorrentino lies to the girls to get them together, but will his plan work?
Mike Sorrentino and Lauren (MTV)

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' is back with another season and even though Nicole Polizzi is being missed by many, the show has to go on. In the show's season premiere, viewers got to see how intense things are between Jenni Farley, Deena Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick. Ever since the girls had a fallout at Angelina's wedding, it has been hard for the Jersey family to get back together. In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Mike Sorrentino decided to take action against what was happening. After seeing the girls fight for so long, the boys knew it was time to put an end to these things.

This led to them making the plan of having a vacation again. Even though the boys agreed it was a good idea, things did not look pretty when they thought about inviting all the girls. Mike rolled up his sleeves to think of an idea to get the girls together. To make sure he has someone supporting him through his plans, Mike decided to seek help from Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Mike thought Ronnie could talk to all the girls one by one and see where they stand at the moment. At first, Ronnie went to Deena's house. She made it very clear that her relationship with Angelina was over. Deena hinted the wedding drama allowed her to see Angelina's true color. Ronnie thought it was a failed attempt to get Deena on board. He then went to meet Jenni. Unfortunately, Jenni was not interested in talking to Ronnie. She decided not to open the door and Ronnie was forced to leave. Next up was Angelina. Ronnie decided to talk to her to get her point of the story. 

Angelina had a similar take to Deena and hinted she is not interested in mending her relationship with the girls. She made it clear that there will be no apology from her end. Seeing how the girls had a similar reaction to the idea of coming together, Mike decided to use the "oldest trick in the book called the double book." 

In this, Mike decided to drop a message to Jenni and Deena, inviting them to a vacation in Vegas. Meanwhile, Ronnie did the same with Angelina. Mike hoped if all of them come together, things would be good. However, can the girls handle being in the same room?

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV. 

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