'Jersey Shore': Will Jenni and Pauly D's love story have a fairytale ending, will it just be a rebound?

Jenni Farley and Pauly D have thought of hooking up many times but will this lead to a happy ending?

                            'Jersey Shore': Will Jenni and Pauly D's love story have a fairytale ending, will it just be a rebound?
Jenni and Pauly D (MTV)

Jenni Farley and Pauly D have known each other for a long time and ever since the two appeared on the show together, people have been rooting for both of them to hookup. Since Season 1, there had been different moments where the pair had kissed and this had everyone convinced that they are meant to be together. 

However, with fate playing its cards, Jenni happened to start dating and ended in a relationship with  Roger Mathews. The pair started dating in 2008 and eventually got married. Unfortunately, that relationship did not last long and the pair decided to get a divorce. 

In the previous episode of the show, fans got to see Jenni and Pauly coming close to hooking up. Pauly did not hesitate to share the idea of hooking up with Jenni while she did the same. While all the cast members had their fingers crossed and were hoping for a hookup, things did not shape the way they would have expected. He told Jenni that he respected her too much to take a step forward in their relationship. Meanwhile, while talking to Vinny Guadagnino, Pauly revealed he did not want to take a step forward because he was unsure if Jenni was single. Despite Jenni screaming that she was, he was unsure how to be around single Jenni. 

He revealed every time they had thought about getting together, Jenni had just gotten out of a relationship, and being the person she is, she often happens to be in a serious relationship. Amid all this, Pauly did not feel it would be right for him to think about getting together with her. While everyone slept on this information, things changed in the morning. The cast members were quick to tell the pair to hook up while they seemed awkward and shy around each other. Everyone had their hearts sets on something happening at Angelina Pivarnick's wedding. They hoped the two would finally hookup. However, Jenni made it clear that she had passed the point where she just wanted to have sex. 

She revealed she wanted to go on a nice date rather than throwing herself in front of someone. With this in mind, fans are still divided if the pair would be a good relationship. "I could see this working as a long term rebound after Jenni’s divorce. She’s known Paulie a long time, they get along, and the long-distance would keep things from getting too serious. I’m here for it," read one comment. 

Another added, "I think it would be a good hook up/rebound for Jen but can’t see anything more. I don’t see Pauly wanting to give up his bachelor's freedom and Jen looks like the type who takes relationships very seriously. Like she would want a lot of phone calls and 'where were you last night' explanations and Pauly doesn’t look like he ever wants to be bothered with stuff like that."

Meanwhile, some thought they were the right fit as one comment read, "Yes. They seem like a good match and there’s the fan/career aspect of it. I think people way overblow their 'past' though. JS showed them snuggling together like once." Another added, "I have said this all along and got told, 'that would never happen'. I never liked Roger, he threw her down in a club in Season 6. Pauly D has earned my mad respect. He keeps his kids private from the spotlight. He stepped up for his child. He isn’t a sloppy mess. And he seems to be realized in the past he has been disrespectful towards women, unlike say, Vinny. I think Pauly D appreciates Jenny as she comes. I don’t think he’d force her into staying home and being a full-time housewife. I think he’d respect her job. Also, Jenny might realize on her own, somethings should be kept private from his behavior."

Will the pair make things serious or will it just be a wish that everyone has for them?

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