'Jersey Shore': Pauly D says he wants to be inside Jenni's vagina as they get flirty in bed

History was all set to repeat in the latest episode when Jenni Farley and Pauly D came this close to hooking up

                            'Jersey Shore': Pauly D says he wants to be inside Jenni's vagina as they get flirty in bed
Pauly D and Jenni (MTV)

Things got steamy in the latest episode (May 7) of 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' when Pauly D and Jenni Farley came close to hooking up. Jenni and Pauly have had their moments in the past as the two hooked up in Season 1 of the show. Over the years, the two got closer but their relationship blossomed into being one family. 

In the latest episode, things got wild as the two were seen flirting. Paul and Jenni could be seen standing away from others and enjoy the company of each other. Seeing how the pair were behaving, everyone was convinced it was time when both of them hook up. Vinny Guadagnino was convinced that history would repeat itself and it would be a full 10-year circle. 

Meanwhile, the other cast members were also waiting to see if this moment turned out to be something special for the pair. Deena Nicole Cortese thought it was important for someone to hook up because it was a bachelorette party. Jenni and Pauly started getting close to each other as they returned home. 

The two sat down together and got closer as they moved to lie on the bed. Pauly did not hesitate to make it obvious that he is interested in having sex with Jenni. He hinted that he was all set to go in and out of her and the two laughed when Pauly made these remarks. He further hinted he was all set to be inside Jenni's vagina and left the rest of the cast shocked.

While Jenni stated that he would hug Pauly, he revealed he only hugged while naked. The pair did not leave any chance to flirt around and it had everyone convinced that it was time for them to finally hook up. However, things did not go as planned as Pauly decided to walk out of the room. 

He confessed he respected Jenni too much to take any action. It is then that Jenni revealed there was a time when she went back home with Pauly, thinking they would hook up but things did not go as planned as he slammed the door on her face. 

Pauly tried to justify his actions stating she was still married then and he did not want to cross a line when it came to Jenni. While they did not hook up, the cast hoped it would happen soon. 

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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