'Jersey Shore': Angelina reveals Chris recorded friends having sex, cast questions her decision to marry him

Angelina Pivarnick spilled some details about her fiance, Chris Larangeira, and it has left them thinking if she is making the right decision

                            'Jersey Shore': Angelina reveals Chris recorded friends having sex, cast questions her decision to marry him
Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick (Getty Images)

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick are set to get married and there is no doubt that her happiness has no bounds. In the latest episode of the show (March 19), the cast decided to head for a night out and celebrate Jenni Farley's divorce. Jenni had been having a tough time with the divorce and everyone thought that it would be good for them to celebrate her divorce rather than sit at home and drawn in sorrows.

The cast then got ready and first went out for dinner. As they sat down, Angelina decided to spill some details about her relationship with Chris. During this conversation, she slipped in a detail that left everyone shocked. She revealed that she found the videos of his friends having sex with their partners when she was going through Chris' phone. 

As much as the cast was shocked to hear this, they were also confused as to what those videos were doing on his phone. It is then that Angelina revealed Chris had been the one who was recording the video. The cast found this hard to believe and wondered if Angelina was sure about what she was getting into by marrying Chris. 

Jenni, in particular, questioned this as she thought that this was crossing the line. However, it seemed like Angelina did not think much about it. This is not the first time when the cast doubted Angelina's decision to marry Chris. Previously, they sat down together and wondered if Angelina and Chris were good for each other. 

Most of them thought that the two would have a lot of problems getting on the same page as their differences overpowered the things they had in common. The pair would often get into arguments and fights that were hard to ignore. Even when the camera followed the pair, one could see how the pair struggled to make a decision.

They had gone out to choose a place for their wedding but could not set their heart on one particular place and like the cast had expected, the two got into an argument. Despite this, it looks like Angelina is all set and excited to marry Chris but we got to wait and watch how the planning for the wedding goes. 

'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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