'Jersey Shore': Vinny doubts Angelina and Chris will have a wedding, hints she could be planning divorce soon

Vinny Guadagnino has some thoughts about Angelina Pivarnick's wedding with Chris Larangeira and hints they won't have a happily ever after

                            'Jersey Shore': Vinny doubts Angelina and Chris will have a wedding, hints she could be planning divorce soon
Vinny and Angelina (Getty Images)

Angelina Pvarnick is two days away from her big wedding with Chris Larangeira. The cast decided to make things special for Angelina as they planned a dinner together at their old shore house.

When the cast first came together for Season 1, they had to work at the Jersey Store and each one of them happened to be worse than the other as an employee. 10 years later, the cast has come back to relive some of the memories. Unfortunately, Angelina was not part of their memories for most of the time. Angelina and the rest of the cast members had their differences due to which she was pushed aside. However, 10 years later, things have changed a lot for all of them. 

The cast decided to make things special for Angelina but one person who could not believe that Angelina was getting married was Vinny Guadagnino. He did not hold back in hinting that this marriage would not last long. While driving to the Jersey house, Vinny revealed Angelina had been engaged twice before and that did not end well. He hinted this new engagement in her life might also end soon.

Vinny's warning became more pronounced when he sat down with the rest of the cast members. The cast decided to give some advice to Angelina as her wedding day comes closer. Jenni Farley told Angelina to enjoy each and every moment as time goes by very soon. 

Mike Sorrentino also chipped in and stated the same. However, Vinny had different thoughts. He told Angelina that before she would know, she would be preparing for divorce. Angelina laughed it off but looking at what Vinny thought earlier, it looks he had been very serious. To make the situation a little light, all the cast members decided to give Angelina a gift that would reflect all the times she had missed in the house. Nicole Polizzi gave her a photo frame from her wedding and told her that she had photoshopped her into it. 

The best present came from Vinny who recalled that Angelina and he were almost neighbors. He revealed 1.3 miles to be exact. When Angelina opened the gift she found out it was Vinny's house key. He told Angelina she could come whenever she wanted. 

The keychain had "I love you more than the miles before us" engraved on it. While Angelina thought it was the sweetest present, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro revealed Vinny had sold the house and if Angelina were to use the keys, she would find someone else. 

Despite all the goofiness, Angelina felt good and emotional after receiving the gifts, She felt closer to them more than ever. 

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