Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell's lawyer girlfriend Katie McCreath confirms their relationship with a picture

Lawyer Katie McCreath seems to confirm her relationship with Jeremy McConnell in a picture that she shared online.

                            Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell's lawyer girlfriend Katie McCreath confirms their relationship with a picture
Jeremy McConnell (Source:Getty Images)

Katie McCreath might have just confirmed her relationship with Jeremy McConnell. Katie, who was Jeremy's lawyer took to Instagram to share a picture of the pair holding hands. The former Celebrity Big Brother star's hands were identifiable because of the tattoos on his hand. The two of them held on to each other and Katie posted a heart emoji on the picture. For a long time, the pair has denied being in a relationship. 

Jeremy has insisted that he is single but as reported by Mirror, he told his friends that he was in a relationship with Katie months after the two started sleeping together. There have been times when the pair has been spotted going for dinner dates together. This comes after Jeremy's friends stated that he might be using Katie for money as he had no job. "Everyone says Jeremy is just using Katie for her money and her house - he has nothing, no job offers or any cash coming in," a source close to Jeremy told the tabloid. 

They have been sleeping together for a few months now but all of his mates say Katie really isn't his type at all - but as she is picking up the bill he doesn't mind," the source added. "A few weeks ago they went over to Ireland and formally announced their relationship - Jeremy's mates were shocked. Katie is really pretty but she isn't the usual model type Jeremy goes for."


His friends are worried about his relationship with Katie  (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

"They were mates at first but after a few cozy nights in the pair began sleeping together. Now it appears they are officially an item," the source added. At the same time, Ashlei Parris, a transgender model, accused Jeremy of misusing her kindness. The transgender model is accusing Jeremy of betraying" her by moving in with his lawyer days after she helped him have a roof over his head. 

The model claims that she offered the reality TV star a place to live after he got kicked out of a friend's house in Cardiff. Ashlei says that she took him in because she "couldn’t leave him on the streets." However, in the sudden turn of events, Ashlei says that Jeremy ditched her after his electronic tag was removed. She thinks that the reality star was waiting for it to happen only to move in with his solicitor, Katie.

To make things worse, Ashlei claims that he didn't even say goodbye. "I feel used and betrayed by Jeremy. As soon as that tag was off he was gone," she said, according to The Sun. "He said he was going to Manchester for an evening and I never saw him again..." Ashlei went on to add that Jeremy thought of himself as a big celebrity and often took advantage of people for his own good. "Jeremy thinks of himself as an A-list lothario and he’s a total jumper – he will jump from one person to the next," she said.