Jeremy Kyle guest who died after failing lie detector on cheating, sent a tragic final text to ex-fiancée

Jeremy Kyle guest who died after failing lie detector on cheating, sent a tragic final text to ex-fiancée

ITV's 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' has been canceled indefinitely after a guest, 63-year-old Steve Dymond, who failed a lie detector test passed away from a drug overdose a couple of days later. Dymond took the test to try and convince his former fiancee Jane Callaghan that he had not cheated on her but the pair split up after he failed to pass the lie detector test on the show.

Dymond's friends feared he had taken his own life. Callaghan revealed the couple decided to break up post the show where Jeremy Kyle told the audience Dymond had failed to pass the test. Just before his death, Dymond sent a tragic final text to Callaghan where he shared that he could not face life without her.

"I can’t live without you. I just wanted to come and see you. I just wanted to say sorry before I go. My life is not worth living without you," he wrote. Dymond was desperate to go in front of the cameras despite the fact that he had underlying health issues, Callaghan claimed. 

According to the Sun, Callaghan revealed Dymond had been diagnosed with depression and said, "He wanted to go on. He was really excited and confident.  But it was all a front and I knew it. He wasn’t well at all." 

Steve Dymond (Source: Facebook)

Paramedics revealed how he had been dead for days before his body was discovered. Dymond had appeared on the show on May 2 and his body was discovered at a block of flats in Portsmouth on May 9. However, South Central Ambulance officials said he had been dead "for a number of days." The ITV show was pulled from the TV schedules after Dymond was found dead. 

Dymond was reportedly devastated and also suicidal after being confronted in the TV studio about the allegations of his infidelity. He had also called his friends in tears after filming the show which was supposed to go on air. 

A mental health expert, Ian Hamilton spoke to DailyMail and shared, "Unfortunately this situation demonstrates how difficult it can be to assess someone with depression, the nature of the condition is that the way you feel and think can fluctuate. So it is possible that at the time Steven Dymond was assessed he was feeling alright and appeared to be thinking clearly, however this can change quickly particularly given the stressful situation he found himself in."


"Steven had only recently been diagnosed with depression so is likely to have still been learning about what he could cope with and what he might find difficult," Hamilton continued.

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