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White House Farm Murders: Lawyers for Jeremy Bamber, who killed 5 of his family, want conviction overturned

Jeremy Bamber's lawyers claimed that the burns on his father's back were due to the AGA in the kitchen and were not rifle scorch marks
UPDATED OCT 16, 2022
Jeremy Bamber is infamous for murdering his parents, sister and her twins in Essex in 1985 (FreeBamberNow/Twitter)
Jeremy Bamber is infamous for murdering his parents, sister and her twins in Essex in 1985 (FreeBamberNow/Twitter)

ESSEX, ENGLAND: Attorneys of White House Farm killer Jeremy Bamber have presented what they think is compelling fresh evidence in an effort to get his conviction overturned at the Court of Appeal, according to The Daily Mail.

The former public school student was found guilty of killing five members of his family on the evening of August 6, 1985, at their farmhouse. He was convicted of shooting his adoptive parents, his sister, and her six-year-old twins at Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, in one of the most infamous murder cases in British criminal history. 

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At his trial, the jury retured a majority guilty verdict. It also found that Bamber committed the murders to secure a sizable inheritance and placed the rifle he used to kill his family members in the hands of his schizophrenic sister Sheila to make it look like a murder-suicide. 

According to Bamber's attorneys, the defence file submitted to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) comprises 10 new pieces of evidence and casts aspersions on a crucial fact that the judge underlined during Bamber's trial. The allegations contend that a hot kitchen AGA was to blame for his father's back burns and not the rifle as was reported in 1986.

His attorneys contend that the AGA in the kitchen was what really left the markings, dispelling the theory that Bamber tortured his family before killing them. They claim that this recommendation contributed to Bamber's conviction. 

As per The Sun, Bamber, now 61, said, "After 36 years it can now be proven with absolute certainty that I did not burn my dad with the rifle barrel or the rifle's sound moderator, as my trial jury were misled into believing."

Bamber claimed in July that investigators who reviewd his case had "no compassion" and were full of lies. Bamber also said that the Criminal Cases Review Commission officials had "no intention" of carrying out their duties effectively.

A report in EssexLive said that in the letters sent from his prison cell, Bamber wrote, “Our case manager is resigning, all of those last 6/7 months waiting for an update on my case. Investigations have been for nothing. All those lies, ‘I’ll give you an update in a few weeks’, it was bulls***t. [They] had no intention of tackling my case. Typical of the case managers I’ve had over the last 20 years. None have been helpful or neutral managers of my case."

Bamber had made several appeals in the past in order to get his conviction overturned, vehemently maintaining his innocence even as his extended family continues to believe that he was guilty.