'American Idol' season 17 contestant Jeremiah Harmon says his family has taken him back and fans are overjoyed

'American Idol' season 17 contestant Jeremiah Harmon says his family has taken him back and fans are overjoyed

On Sunday, when the next episode of 'American Idol' airs, the Top 20 will team up with celebrities and perform duets for the judges. With their duet performances behind them, judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan will take into consideration the solo performances that happened on Monday along with the duets and eliminate six contestants. The remaining Top 14 contestants will head on to the live shows where they will compete for America's votes.


While we wait in anticipation to see the contestants perform during the 'All-Stars Duets', fans are expressing their happiness after one of the contestants, Jeremiah Llyod Harmon revealed that his family has now taken him back.  Harmon is the son of a pastor but his sexuality had set him at odds with his family. 

Harmon had mentioned how his family is yet to accept him since he is gay and how at times he feels alone and how it is difficult for him and his family. For his audition performance, Harmon also sang an original song about gay people like him and if they are allowed to go to heaven. His performance left the judges and viewers spellbound. Since day one Harmon has also been getting ample support from his fans who revealed that his family will take him back soon. 


And soon enough Harmon took to his Twitter profile and uploaded a picture of him along with his father and captioned it, "I’m here for you and you for me NO MATTER WHAT @JerryRHarmon Love you Dad." After fans came across this picture on his profile they couldn't be any more overjoyed as they commented on it revealing how happy they are for him. "Awesome to see you and dad together.. I hope mom and dad accept who you are and that your sexuality does NOT change the person you are. The same kid who helped around the house mowed the grass, loved Christmas morning... etc. Be proud of who you are and what you do," wrote a fan. 

Adding to that another fan commented, "Is that your father? I’m glad he showed up. Don’t EVER let ANYONE tell you that JESUS doesn’t love you. If you’ve accepted him as your Savior NOTHING can separate you......NOTHING." Replying to the comments that the fans made about Harmon's father showing up, his father Jerry Harmon replied saying that he never left but fans are not buying it. 


"Jeremiah’s father never left. He has been behind him the whole time, long before AI. Learn some facts before making assumptions," Harmon's father commented. But fans are not believing him. "If you truly supported your son, you would have been part of his entire Idol journey. Now you're being defensive because of the backlash you're receiving from the public...a pastor should always show love and compassion...not rejection," said a fan. 

Currently, Harmon hasn't revealed anything about his parents taking him back on American Idol. We would probably get to see Harmon talk about it once the live shows begin. 


'American Idol' airs every Sunday and Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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