Jeremiah Buoni talks about his 'sibling-like' relationship with Kortni Gilson as 'Floribama Shore' fans hope they get together

'Floribama Shore' star Jeremiah Buoni opens up on his relationship with cast member Kortni Gilson, once and for all

                            Jeremiah Buoni talks about his 'sibling-like' relationship with Kortni Gilson as 'Floribama Shore' fans hope they get together

MTV's 'Floribama Shore' season 1 and season 2 part 1 had all its fans rooting for cast member Jeremiah Buoni and Kortni Gilson to get together. During season 2, Kortni opened up about having feelings for Jeremiah; however, the feelings were one-sided and not reciprocated. 

When it comes to them ever being together, Jeremiah tells Meaww exclusively, "Me and Kortni have a special relationship, it is very sibling-like and I have always told my roommates and her that I consider her like a sister to me and I don't feel like there will be anything more there." Even though the pair has left viewers hoping to see them get together, it seems highly unlikely as Jeremiah clearly does not feel the same way. 

"We do end up talking about it and it does cause a bit of drama before we take another special trip," Jeremiah added.

Even with Kortni re-attempting to tell him about her feelings, navigating the conversation becomes tricky given that they are really good friends. He adds how he feels a bit bad for the fact that his roommates have made Kortni think that he wants something more with her, despite him saying otherwise many times.

"It starts to get more and more frustrating to talk about it. Idk how many times I have to say the sky is blue for people to believe that the sky is blue," Jeremiah adds. So, on the Kortni and Jeremiah front, it looks like that is a closed chapter! 


Fans will remember how Jeremiah, unfortunately, lost his grandfather towards the end of season 2 part 1. However, that was one point in the show where all the roommates seemed to come together and really support Jeremiah.

"When we came into the house, we were arguing over dumb stuff like something teenagers would argue about. As the season progressed, we started to enjoy each others company and it shows," Jeremiah shared. 

"In season 2 part b, you will see a lot more enjoyment and that will create a lot of entertainment," he continued. 'Floribama Shore' fans have seen a much closer bond formed between the housemates on season 2 and only time will reveal what new drama awaits!