Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez break up? Shocking truth behind Madison LeCroy scandal and ‘cheater’ rumors

Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez break up? Shocking truth behind Madison LeCroy scandal and ‘cheater’ rumors
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are yet to confirm the split but the internet says that the couple may have called it quits because of Madison LeCroy (Alex/ Madison/ Instagram)

Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez break up? The 'Southern Charm' reunion episode sent shockwaves through social media and beyond when Craig Conover outed Madison LeCroy's alleged relationship with ex-MLB player Alex 'A Rod' Rodriguez. Even though the name was bleeped out to keep his identity a secret, keyboard warriors got to work and connected the dots between "very popular player" and the former New York Yankees slugger. 

Naturally, this opened a can of worms, which seems to have caused a rift or worse, broken up A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez's two-year-long engagement. The couple is yet to confirm the split but Twitter is abuzz with rumors that the two may have called it quits and it could be because of Madison. 


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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (Getty Images)

JLo and A-Rod reportedly split a few weeks ago, a source told CNN on March 11, Friday, and continued: "It doesn't seem like they will get back together." Well, this could just be them taking a break because we know A-Rod accompanied JLO to her filming location in the Dominican Republic just last month. 

Another insider told Page Six that JLo was embarrassed by the link-up but there were other issues too. "The Madison LeCroy scandal was the reason they finally broke up. There were already problems, but Jennifer was really embarrassed by it."

Jennifer Lopez (Getty Images)

However, Madison's 'Southern Charm' co-star Shep Rose's shocking revelation in the days leading up to the alleged split sort of put two and two together. "I know that there was, like, an NDA signed, which doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore, not worth the price of the paper they’re printed on,” he told US Weekly

This is quite a reveal given Madison had cleared the air about her rumored affair with A-Rod. Soon after the accusations spread like wildfire, the reality TV star came forward to share her version of the story, said it was "all platonic." She did agree to call each other but that was all there was to it. Madison and A-Rod have “spoken on the phone.” “That’s the truth,” she told Page Six and added: “Never been physical … never had any kind of anything. Just an acquaintance.”


Meanwhile, social media users have weighed in with their two cents and seem more than convinced that Madison was responsible for the couple's break up. 

"I bet Craig from southern charm is rage texting Madison that she broke up J-Lo and Arod," a user shared. "JLo and ARod were a Leo superstar kajillionaire for a Leo superstar kajillionaire couple, was simply a matter of time before it burned itself out in a blaze of nude gloss and money," one commented, while another shared: "Omg Arod and JLo broke up because of Madison LeCroy??? My two worlds are colliding," Sports reporter Paulina Dedaj tweeted. 

"What a moron Arod was!!! This is the second marriage(almost marriage), in a year that MADISON broke up!! First ot was Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavaleri, now Arod and JLo!! What is wrog with you men?!?! Jackassses!! #southerncharm #bravotv@Andy," one user blamed Madison for it. "ARod is a cheater so whatevs! We knew he was messaging Madison," another pointed out.

"A teeny tiny Southern-Charm-loving part of me hopes Madison was a factor in the ARod/JLo break up. I’m sorry! I can’t help it. It’s too juicy," a Twitter user posted. 







Later, Rodriguez was pictured in Miami after denying he has split from his fiancée Lopez. The New York Yankees icon flashed a peace sign as he stepped out with daughter Natasha, 16, in Miami, Daily Mail reported.

The two told TMZ in a statement: "All the reports are inaccurate. We are working through some things." Not just that, the couple also said that it had nothing to do with a third party. The report read: "As of now, A-Rod's still in Miami and JLo's in the Dominican Republic shooting a movie, and it's unclear when they'll be back together."

In a video clip obtained by the Daily Mail, Rodriguez could be heard telling a passerby that he is "not" single! Well, all's well that ends well, isn't it? 

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