Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are not getting along as Super Bowl LIV Halftime show approaches

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira aren't as 'cozy' as they seem on social media as the two are reportedly embroiled in a difficult situation as the Super Bowl LIV Halftime approaches.

                            Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are not getting along as Super Bowl LIV Halftime show approaches
Shakira, Jennifer Lopez (Getty Images)

As the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show approaches, the drama surrounding it has already reached a peak. 

As per sources who spoke to Lovebscott, things are not going according to plan for both the award-winning singers who are set to perform together. The sources also added that the interactions between the two have been 'icy'. "As usual with these Super Bowl performances, the performers are having trouble fitting their set into the time constraints," the source shared. 

"Right now, the halftime show in the works is running way longer than the allotted time. The NFL, along with the powers-that-be, are trying to solve the issue," the insider added. The two stars are also not as 'cozy' as they seem on social media and as the advertising has promoted. "There were initial plans for them to perform a significant portion of the halftime show together — but that's out the window," the source shared.

As of now, the two megastars are planning on appearing together briefly towards the end of the set. "There isn't any real feud, but there's definitely a chill in the air between the two stars," the insider revealed. The tensions arose over the fact that Shakira was not initially meant to be on the show and was brought in after Lopez had been finalized by NFL. 

"They're telling everyone that limiting how much time Jennifer and Shakira spend on stage together has a lot to do with their different styles of music, but others close to the production say that it has more to do with the fact that Jennifer was forced into sharing the performance with Shakira in the first place. Initially, she believed the halftime show was hers alone — only to have the NFL and Pepsi (the Super Bowl halftime show sponsor) add Shakira later," the source continued. 

The news comes as Lopez shared an exclusive sneak peek from a practice session on her social media on Sunday afternoon.

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