Jennifer Garner's one condition for her next man throws major shade at Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner is ready to step back into the dating scene once again, but she needs one thing from her next man that she didn't get from Ben Affleck.

                            Jennifer Garner's one condition for her next man throws major shade at Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner (Getty Images)

Jennifer Garner is open to begin dating again after her divorce from her husband of 12 years, Ben Affleck, was finalized last year. She's been riding high on the success of her recent critically acclaimed film 'Love, Simon,' and she's willing to give love another chance.

Jennifer Garner is ready to move on from Ben Affleck. (Getty Images)

However, her condition is that she wants her next man to be in it for the long haul. A source close to the actress told ET, "She wants to be very careful and very selective when she does find the time to date -- because of the kids," adding, "Jen wants to make sure that when she finally does decide she is ready for romance that her next man is in it for the long run."

The requirement seems to imply that Affleck wasn't in it for the long run, as can be evidenced by his NannyGate scandal that involved rumors of him cheating on his wife with the nanny they had hired to look after their three children, a woman named Christine Ouzounian.

Ouzounian began nannying for Garner and Affleck in 2015, a few months before her own fiance broke up with her and a few months before the couple announced their divorce. There were rumors that she had been sleeping with Affleck, rumors that Affleck's side outright denied, but rumors that Ouzounian chose to remain silent on. She only added fuel to the fire with her antics after the scandal broke out.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (Getty Images)

The source revealed that the 45-year-old actress continues to go out with her friends, but that she is investing a lot of time and effort into her family, her health, and her career, adding, "She is back. She has thrown herself into her work and her success. She is killing it and those [closest to her] couldn't be more proud."

Jennifer Garner is killing it indeed. (Getty Images)

Garner recently took her three children on a trip to Hawaii to visit her ex, Affleck, so that they could spend Easter with their father. She has also been working on a movie with Lena Dunham, 'Peppermint,' a revenge thriller that will hit theaters in September.

The source disclosed that Garner is pumped about the new movie, saying, "She is excited for the release of Peppermint. She talks a lot about working with Lena Dunham. She is really excited." The source added that despite being open to dating again, "Men are last on Jen's list. First comes her children, then her career and then a man."

Lena Dunham (Getty Images)

The claim was tested recently when she was rumored to be dating her 'Love, Simon' co-star Josh Duhamel. Duhamel was also recently single, having announced his and Fergie's decision to separate after 8 years of marriage only last September. The two denied the rumors to ET at the March premiere of the film, and Duhamel joked, "She deserves somebody far better than me."