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Who is Jennifer Arcuri? Boris Johnson's lover had sex with British PM at his marital home and almost got caught

Arcuri revealed how she and Johnson spent an intimate moment in the living room of his $4.6 million London townhouse in March 2016 when he was mayor -- and was almost caught by his then wife, Marina Wheeler
Boris Johnson cheated with lover Jennifer Arcuri in family home while ex-wife was away (Getty Images/ Instagram)
Boris Johnson cheated with lover Jennifer Arcuri in family home while ex-wife was away (Getty Images/ Instagram)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's lover Jennifer Arcuri revealed on Sunday, March 28, she slept with him in his family home while his ex-wife Marina Wheeler was away, and they almost got caught. 

In an extensive interview with Mirror, Arcuri revealed how she and Johnson spent an intimate moment in the living room of then-London mayor’s $4.6 million townhouse in March 2016 -- which he shared with his former wife. She talked about the way the pair read Shakespeare before they had sex on the sofa even though she was uncomfortable doing so at the PM’s marital home.


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“We were discussing some of the latest chapters from his book. He said, "I have a complete writer’s block. I need to figure what I’m trying to say but I want you to hear it. I really need you, baby, I really need you." We moved on to reading Macbeth, which was a kind of foreplay routine we had. I said, "Let’s skip to the good stuff". He said, "I love that about you, you just want to get to the good part." After we made love... I felt conflicted being there in his family home and seeing him like this but I couldn’t help but love the feeling of being desired," she said. 

Boris Johnson with his ex-wife Marina Wheeler (Getty Images)

Wheeler, who is a lawyer, was away for work at the time of their tryst and arrived home just minutes after Arcuri had left the house. “If I’d have stayed 10 minutes more I would’ve been in the house when Marina got back. That’s not a great feeling," she said. “We slept together at his family home, and in some ways, it was fun, but it didn’t sit right. I realized this wouldn’t just be a one-off."

In September 2018, Johnson and Wheeler issued a statement confirming that after 25 years of marriage, they had separated "several months ago" and had begun divorce proceedings. They reached a financial settlement in February 2020, and the divorce was finalized by November 2020.

Who is Jennifer Arcuri?

Jennifer Marie Arcuri is an American technology entrepreneur. She lived in London from 2011 to 2018, before moving back to California. She describes herself as an "ethical hacker" and founded the white hat consultancy Hacker House in 2016 and organized the Innotech Network in 2012.


An image obtained by the British tabloid showed her beaming in a selfie she took at Johnson's townhouse. The snap was clicked by Arcuri when Johnson left her alone in his home to run to a corner shop after realizing that he had forgotten to buy cheese for a meal of cheese pasta that he was planning to cook for her that day.

Arcuri said that she was initially amused at the fact that he would choose to leave his mistress alone at his marital house and took the opportunity to click the selfie in the kitchen as a memento. In the selfie, two glasses filled with red wine would be seen resting on the counter. 

“It was the most bizarre feeling, an awkward moment. I thought, 'You’re leaving me in your house? What kind of woman am I?' When people tell you who they are, believe them," she said. Prior to Arcuri's arrival at his house, Johnson had texted her the address of the house before saying he wanted to “check the coast is gonna be clear," messages exchanged between them show. After she received the go-ahead from Arcuri, she arrived to find the future PM cooking for her.


Arcuri described the pasta dish as “perfectly inedible”, and added: “He can barely find his socks, let alone cook dinner. It was horrible. It was soggy and limp. This man was completely useless in the kitchen.” The Mirror obtained texts that show Arcuri gave Johnson instructions to wash the dishes after she left so his wife wouldn’t be suspicious. She even told him to empty the bins since she had cut her foot on the way to the house, and had disposed of her stockings in a kitchen bin. She wrote: “When in kitchen, while cooking I took off my stockings and put them on side of kitchen island. Apologies in leaving something behind. To be certain, I would remove.”

According to Arcuri, Johnson spoke little of his family and she “never asked questions." However, by 2016 she was starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable about what she described as their four-year affair. 

Did Boris Johnson's affair break the law?

The Greater London Authority, which regulates the mayor’s office, has launched an inquiry into Boris Johnson faces an inquiry over claims that his failure to declare his relationship with Arcuri may have been a breach of the Nolan Principles of Public Life, which are contained in the Mayor of London’s code of conduct.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson attends a virtual press conference at Downing Street on September 9, 2020 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Despite her businesses not meeting the criteria, Arcuri was granted access to events at three top-level trade missions. Although he may be breached the Nolan Principles, the Independent Office for Police Conduct said there was no evidence that Johnson committed the criminal offense of misconduct in public office.

Len Duvall, the chair of the GLA oversight committee which is conducting the investigation said: "Our investigation will consider whether Boris Johnson conducted himself in a way that’s expected from anyone in that position. It’s important we get those answers because Londoners deserve to have their politicians held accountable."