Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux dating rumors reportedly upset Jennifer Aniston

Jen's friend Selena and ex Justin Theroux reportedly bonded over their mutual break ups and as media reports it the two have been falling for each other

                            Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux dating rumors reportedly upset Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston (Source : Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their separation on February 15, after dating for seven years and being married for two. It looks like the actress is finding it hard to wrap her head around the dating rumors about her ex and her close pal, Selena Gomez. 

Jennifer is upset to see Justin being linked with others (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“Jennifer is upset over the dating rumors swirling around her ex and Selena,” a source close to the actress told Hollywood Life. “It hurts Jen to think that Justin would move on already. To think of him with anyone else, especially someone so young and that Jen has a personal relationship with like Selena, is painful for her. Jen doesn’t want to think about it and definitely does not believe it.”

However, Selena is not the only name that Justin has been paired with. He has been photographed with various other women in the past and one would think that he has moved on. “Jennifer is tired of hearing about all the women Justin may be dating since there split,” the source continued. 


Jennifer and Justin broke up in February (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

“From Emma Watson to Selena, Jen is furious over every picture she sees of her ex with another pretty face out in New York. Jen won’t believe any of the rumors until she hears from Justin himself that he is involved in a new relationship," the source added. 

Coming to Selena, the singer herself is going through some troubled times after she was seen struggling to put her relationship with Justin Bieber behind her. Bieber too has been photographed with many women since the break up with Selena. When their split happened, it was reported that Selena found comfort while talking to Jennifer about it and that the two share a close bond. In fact, what interesting to note is that Life and Style publication reports that Jen's ex and Selena bonded over their respective breakups!  

The announcement of their split came as a shock to everyone because no one saw the signs of anything going wrong between the two. The pair issued a joint statement at that time and asked media as well as the people to give the pair the space they needed. "In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation," read the statement. 

"This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship. Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly. Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative. Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another."